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April 26, 2016 at 5:00 PM

Why Choose Big Van World?

With so many vans to choose from, and a range of finance options it's never been easier with Big Van World. And once you have one, it's amazing how often you'll find yourself using it! Big Van World can help you find exactly the right van for your needs. It's tempting to get the biggest available but actually, you might be better with a shorter wheel base (SWB) if you're going to be transporting smaller amounts. Don't be fooled into thinking that you'll be roughing it in a van either. All Austen Trading's vans are fully valeted and most are as luxurious as any car, enjoying Bluetooth, heated seats and aircon as standard in many of them. Those needing a vehicle for larger items will be impressed at the range of LWBs Big Van World has, and a call to their experienced team will soon help you find exactly the right van for you. 

Which van is right for you?

If you are already in business, it is worth considering what size vans your competitors are using. Could you perhaps manage with something smaller and easy to park, or would life be simpler knowing that whatever you're moving, you know your van will be big enough? Do you need a flatbed van, or a tipper? Will you be leaving items in the vehicle overnight? If so something with no windows and good locks will be essential. How many people will be in the cab? Some are just for the driver and one passenger but some larger cabs will seat three across the front, or a double cab will take up to five.

The overall height you need will of course depend on what you're transporting but there's a great satisfaction in not having to twist and turn your items to get them in, if you have a higher sided van. Many come with both barn doors at the back and a sliding side door, which is essential if you know you'll be parking in tight spots.

The right deal for you.

Austen Trading have plenty of choice when it comes to budget too, with everything from older Transits to shiny Dodge Ram Double Cabs that will take the whole family in style. Their fast efficient finance team will give you a competitive tailor-made quote in minutes, and AA Warranty is available on every vehicle. Nationwide delivery can be arranged, and customer satisfaction comes as standard!

If you're at the start of your search for your first van, one visit to Big Van World will have you matched with the perfect van for your needs at a price that's right.


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