Looking to be as productive as possible while you work remotely, especially in a van? It can be challenging. Even the most experienced remote workers find it difficult to adjust. However, if you're mobile and on the go, there are several workarounds you can employ to stay productive. We have listed 10 ways you can maximise working from a van, whether you're new to remote work due to the Coronavirus pandemic, or just need to brush up.

Setup your working area

Your mobile office should have a dedicated space. Having work-related material in one central location makes it easier to find things and makes it less likely that things will get lost, save time and keep sane. This might be a bit difficult since you are always on the go in your van, and a cramped up space might not be ideal for you to work around. But all it takes is to condition yourself that this area is for work-related purposes. The key to making this work is to ensure that this space is comfortable for you to work on.

Reduce Distractions

Remote work can be comfortable in a lot of degrees but at the same time, it can be quite challenging given the various distractions there are i.e., urge to go to a different location, visit a store you want to, and get on the road to explore more places. These impulses can be quite difficult to manage especially.

It is helpful to keep a notepad nearby to jot down extraneous ideas and eliminate the fear you will forget something if you don't act on it immediately.

Create a routine that suits you

Workday productivity requires some planning, and a lack of structure can leave you feeling aimless, stressed, or always on call. Establish a ritual for marking the beginning and end of your workday. This will help you prepare your mind for the day. Enjoy a cup of hot tea while you review your daily schedule in the morning. This will help you get in the work mode. If you change your clothes at the end of the workday, your brain will know you are finished for the day.

Maximise applications and tools

Play around with time management systems to find out what works for you, whether you're tech-oriented or old school. You can increase your productivity by blocking time for work. In some situations, staying focused and productive by working in 15-, 20-, or 25-minute chunks helps people accomplish more. Limit yourself to a 30-minute time block using the timer function on your phone or an old-fashioned kitchen timer. You can challenge yourself to see how much you can complete before the timer goes off by picking a specific task you'd like to accomplish.

Maintain a healthy social life

You won't become a hermit as a result of remote work. Keeping in touch with others is important for your mental and career health. Consider alternate locations for your work on days when it feels stuffy and draining. It is advisable to maintain a satisfying social life outside of work. Schedule random road trips with your friends or families. This will allow you to maximise not just your productivity but the quality of your relationships.

Work smartly and not hard

No We all enjoy feeling like there are not enough hours in the day to accomplish everything we want to. Begin big, then slowly narrow it down. Consider the compound effect. The theory states that anything major should be broken down into smaller pieces that can be accomplished daily. Over time, a small effort over time builds up to a big result. Although this may not seem like a big deal at the moment, the results are huge.

Take a reprieve

Don’t hesitate to drop your work and take a short break away from all the workload. More often than not, we do not realise that we are already swamped and overwhelmed with everything that is going on. Be it resilience or too much tolerance, this should not become a habit to develop. A healthy remote work-life is knowing when to put a stop to everything and just take it easy. Relish the time and space that you have with your family and yourself. You wouldn’t be given a second chance for those. Don’t hesitate and do it now. You can go back to your work little by scheduling a 30-minute interval even while you and your entire family are on vacation.

Disconnect if you need to

It's impossible to ignore the outside world even when working from home. Whenever you need to concentrate or concentrate, don't be afraid to disconnect. Do not check your email when doing "deep work." Watching your unread email counter tick up, up, up as you work on a crucial project can be a great distraction and may lead to being unable to focus. You can increase your productivity by closing your email program for even 30 or 60 minutes, allowing you to focus more on the work at hand. You can also do this to your social media accounts. It will take time to master this, but you will get there.

There's no need to be perfect every single day

Feeling blah today? That's natural. It happens that we don't get everything done every day because we are only human. Working remotely can be very productive, so on days where your productivity isn't high, you may feel even worse. There are going to be days when we make mistakes, feel unfocused, and have a bad day. So long as these occasions don't become a pattern, an occasional off day isn't unusual.

Manage your impulse to be on mobile all the time

Remote work can be quite exciting but most of the time it is an issue of control. Being away from all the monitoring and being in control of your time is thrilling. However, chances are squandering this precious time can also happen. Avoid this by recognising the triggers and setting realistic targets. Prioritise deadlines that are harder and more urgent. This will allow you to do more and keep track of all your deliverables more efficiently.

Do Your Best Work

The following tips for working from home, or anywhere, can help anyone maximize their workday regardless of whether they are new to working remotely or have been doing so for years.


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