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April 04, 2016 at 5:02 PM

Selecting the right van can make a significant impact to your business and your return on investment.

You want to make sure that the vehicle you opt for is a good match for the regular tasks you’ll be using it for, and is the most cost-effective choice for your needs.

Here are some considerations when deciding on a business van: 

Where do you need your van to go?

What sort of distances are you going to be travelling on a regular basis?
For instance, if you are travelling long distances, you will want to consider a van with a good balance of fuel economy, service costs and reliability. A diesel-fuelled vehicle may be a good choice. For short distances, it is generally best to stick with petrol-fuelled vans. 

The dimensions of what you will be transporting.

If you are carrying heavy weight/larger loads, you may need to look at LWB (large wheel base) vehicles. A light van or panel van will often provide the space needed for larger loads, and there are additional options to consider, such as Luton or Drop-side vehicles. Having a consultation with an expert, such as those here at Austen Trading, will provide you with a range of options to consider. 

With lighter/smaller deliveries, you may appreciate the extra maneuverability of a SWB (short wheel base) van. Car-derived vans are well suited to small-load deliveries or drivers with a small amount of equipment.

Special needs for your cargo

If you are transporting goods that are perishable, you may need a regulated temperature in your vehicle. If your equipment or tools are expensive and at risk for theft, a van with extra security features may be a good investment.

Access Needs

Will you need side or rear doors to access what you are transporting, or a tail-lift? These are all considerations for the style of van you select. 


How many people need to fit in your van for trips? If more than one, you will need to take this into account and opt for a model with extra seating, or seating that can be removed when not necessary but is there for the times that you need it. Make your choice

Once you’ve considered your requirements for your business van, it’s time to consult with a company who can help to ensure you end up with the best fit for your needs. If financing is an option you would like to explore, we can help. At Austen Trading our staff is fully trained finance professionals who will provide the very best advice on how to purchase the right van for you. 


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