Used Van Finance In Swindon

Spread the cost of your new business van over several months with a finance package to make the payments more affordable. With over 40 years of finance product knowledge, our staff are fully trained finance professionals able to give you impartial advice on the best way to purchase your next LCV.

We can arrange funding whether you’re a business or private customer with quick decisions on your application – usually within minutes. Our customers prefer our tailor-made finance solutions with competitive fixed interest rates, so they know how much needs to be paid every month.

As a preferred business partner for MotoNovo Finance – an established and reputable leading finance company – we can offer you a range of finance options for your new van including Hire Purchase (HP) and VAT Assist.


After putting down an initial deposit – no minimum or maximum amount required – you will make fixed monthly payments for an agreed term between 12 and 60 months. The longer the term, the smaller the repayment figure.

Once all the payments have been made, there will be a small ‘option to purchase’ fee to officially transfer the ownership of the van into your name. Until this point, you are not the official owner of the vehicle.

HP is a recommended finance option for those with a poor credit score because the loan is secured against the van rather than the person. Van owners can also benefit from unlimited mileage unlike other finance products which enforce mileage restrictions.

With MotoNovo Finance, you can enjoy a one month payment holiday before your first instalment is due and the interest is only calculated from the day you start making payments.


Reserved for VAT registered business customers only, VAT Assist works in a similar way to Hire Purchase, but you can defer the equivalent VAT amount to your third payment. By this point, you should have received your quarterly VAT rebate.

The biggest advantage with this finance product is that you don’t need to pay a deposit, although you can if you want to reduce the monthly repayments.

As with HP, there are flexible repayment terms (from one to five years), fixed interest rates and a nominal ‘option to purchase’ fee to become the legal owner of the van once all payments have been made.

Similarly, you can take a one month payment holiday using MotoNovo Finance. Your first instalment will be pushed back with interest calculated from the first payment date. The deferred VAT will then be required in the fourth month from when the agreement started.


  • Flexible terms - 12 to 60 months available
  • Competitive fixed interest rates
  • Business (Ltd companies, Sole Traders, Partnerships) and Private customers
  • Fast decisions – usually within minutes
  • Buy now pay later agreements*
  • All agreements regulated by the Consumer Credit Act
  • We're authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

Call our finance specialists on 01793 751 866 to start an application on a new van today or to discuss the best finance package for you.

If you haven't found the right van yet, take a look at our used van stock list.

*When available from finance partners. Terms and conditions apply.

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