Pickups have historically been used mostly by farmers or workers. Essentially, a pickup is a light vehicle with an enclosed cab and an open frame. In addition to its low sides and a tailgate, it is also characterised by its low back.

Dropside vans

The term "dropside van" describes light commercial vehicles with sides and tailboards that can be opened and dropped to facilitate loading. A dropside van is equipped with an open flatbed that can be easily accessed by forklifts. Dropside vans are classified into two main types: single cabs and crew cabs. The single cabs are ideal for sole traders, while the crew cabs makes it easy to transport a full team because of their additional seating.


The term "tipper van" refers to a heavy-duty vehicle with an attached tipper body. Tippers are versatile vehicles that are ideal for a variety of site needs. Also known as lorries or dump trucks, these vehicles can transport loose bulk material, such as asphalt, dirt and gravel, from site to site. This provides rapid, efficient, and safe completion of construction projects.

Benefits of Pickups


Compared to other vehicles, a pickup van offers a much higher degree of versatility. You can use it for towing, weekend adventures, moving stuff, and more.

A pickup is a great choice in case you enjoy outdoor adventures, like driving through mountain ranges. Also, a pickup can be used for relaxation, such as picnicking with friends or spending time with a special someone. Indeed, one of the best things about pickups is that they can be converted into a variety of different forms and can be used for a variety of tasks.


A common challenge for modern cars is to combine luxury amenities and space. Often, space is quite limited in a modern car. Compared to other vehicles, such as sedans, pickups have more space by design.

Pickups offer an excellent combination of interior space and cargo space. They can accommodate a small family of four comfortably. Moreover, the bed provides ample storage space for everyday items, from groceries to furniture. Whether transporting people or cargo, you'll have plenty of room with pickups.

Powerful hauling and towing capabilities

Having a pickup is also advantageous because you can load lots of things in the back or tow heavy loads with ease using it.

Ideal for off-roading

Most pickups include features that make them ideal for off-roading, including 4WD, active traction control, hooks for towing, multi-terrain mode and more. Most pickups feature chunkier tires and greater ground clearance for tackling difficult terrains, such as sand or mud.

Benefits of Dropside Vans

Convenient loading and unloading

Since dropside vehicles are not constructed with sides or roofs surrounding their bed, they typically offer much greater storage space. This makes loading and unloading dropside vehicles, whether manually or with a crane, much easier for drivers, as items can be loaded from any side or angle.

Allows for heavy hauling

Almost anything can be loaded on dropside vans. Unlike normal pickups, dropside vehicles can handle heavy loads like construction materials, aggregates, farm machinery and other equipment. You can safely transport your goods to the final destination even if they are heavy objects or items that would normally be difficult to move. This is because of the dropside van’s flatbed design.

Saves time

Dropside vehicles are larger than pickups, providing more space for storing your items. By loading more stuff onto one vehicle, you can make fewer trips between locations. The reduced fuel consumption on the road will also lead to increased savings over time.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

Dropside vans are easy to clean and maintain due to their open decks. You won't have to worry about debris getting stuck in crevices or corners, as with a traditional truck bed.

Benefits of Tippers

Convenient transport of materials

Tippers are great for hauling anything you need. A tipper van is designed to transport heavy loads between sites. The versatility of tipper vans makes them useful in many different industries, such as landscaping, construction, machinery rental and waste management.

Efficient operations

Another major advantage of a tipper van is their ease of operation. With their hydraulic lift and tilting motion, tippers unload their containers directly into the desired area without human assistance. They provide good manoeuvrability and precise unloading without sacrificing weight capacity.


With a tipper van, transporting materials between sites is easy and cost-effective compared to hiring several people to complete the job.

Various size options

There are a variety of tippers available, ranging from 3.5 to 26 tonnes, ensuring there's one to suit any project.

How to Choose Between Pickups, Dropside Vans and Tippers

To choose a commercial vehicle, you must first consider your business's specific requirements. Here are some of the factors to consider.

Purpose of the vehicle: If you want to acquire a vehicle for commercial use, you should consider what you will use it for. Do you plan to transport people or cargo? What kind of trips are you looking to make? Short trips or long hauls?

Storage: Choose a vehicle with adequate storage space for tools and cargo.

Payload capacity: How many passengers and how much cargo are you going to carry? Overloading the vehicle causes additional strain on the engine, brakes and tyres, which can cause problems in the future. This makes it important to choose a vehicle with the right payload capacity.

Seating: Make sure you know the maximum number of passengers you will be carrying, and take driver comfort into account as well.

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