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July 09, 2015 at 2:25 PM

5 trends that shape the world of vans:

Diesel Rules!

According to an RAC Foundation study, 93% of vans registered in the UK are fuelled with diesel! Why is that so? A few reasons can argue this case. Firstly, diesel vans have more torque power which is essential when the cargo load is heavy, secondly they are more fuel efficient than petrol (around 15-20%), thirdly diesel engines tend to be more reliable than their petrol counterparts and finally above the 2.5 tonnes category, there are simply no petrol-powered vans which for sure doesn’t help…


CO2 emissions levels are dropping

With the implementation of stricter norms on engines such as the Euro 5 and from September the Euro 6 when it comes to the CO2 emissions as well as the development of engines that are more petrol-efficient. This results in a 2.4% decrease of vans CO2 emissions throughout the EU between 2013 and 2014, we can easily suppose the trend will pursue with the introduction of the new Euro 6 norm later this year.

15-30% overweight on average!

On average in the UK, 15 to 30% of vans are overweight. This is an issue both on the legal and financial sides, when it comes to the law enforcement it is illegal to carry around a load exceeding the authorised levels of the vehicle type you are driving and it could generate huge fines. On the financial point of view an overloaded vehicle will consume more fuel, use its tyres and brakes more quickly and be more likely to break down. In the end it is your call, however we recommend that you seriously consider this after all, popular common knowledge says: “slow and steady wins the race”.


Less than ½ full on average

Even though 15-30% of vans are overweight, most vans are on average just ½ full. Think well about the type and amount of cargo you’ll carry around with you as you may miss out some savings buying a LWB while an SWB van would have been more than enough for your activity. Also the bigger your van is, the more it will consume and will be costly to maintain.

More vans to come

Based on RAC Foundation study it seems that the number of vans should be multiplied by 2 by 2030. They also evaluated that to be able to welcome all that traffic the UK road network should be expanded by 236% considering that it wasn’t already saturated. This picture could then be our daily routine no matter what time you would be driving.


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