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August 30, 2016 at 10:15 AM

Food trucks have become huge hits not only across America but in the United Kingdom too. They serve a practical purpose by allowing you to create delicious food on the road, and they can also look pretty nifty.

With so many different types of vans available to purchase it can be tough to know which one will be best for your foodie needs. We take a look at three of the top vans that make excellent food trucks and are available to purchase in the UK. 

Citroen H


Probably one of the most emblematic vans of the chevron brand, the Citroen H will definitely stand out and look unique. With its unusual vintage shape, this van is sure to attract the eyes of customers. It can be revamped and converted to with a drop down hatch; many owners also choose to update the van with new pastel inspired colours and decals. The vans are available to purchase in the UK, and you can often pick up a cheap preloved Citroen H, and convert it into the food truck of your dreams. A Citroen H van will work particularly well for anyone selling coffee, bakery items, as well as organic foods and juices.

Ford Transit Van


If you require a huge amount of space, as well as a study and robust vehicle which is designed stand the test of time, then a Ford Transit Van might be the right choice for you. The new F-series Ford Transit Van continues to impress consumers with its versatility and spacious interior. It's available with a variety of roof heights, lengths and with a selection of wheel sizes, see you can pick-up a Ford Transit Van which is tailored to your requirements. A bonus is the rear doors which fully open and makes it easy to unload and load up your food stuff. The large surface spaces around the back of the van are ideal for placing decals and vinyl wraps. It’s easy to install an additional awning to help to keep your customers cool in the sunshine.

Volkswagen Van


What's not to love about the classic VW campervans? Not everyone has the capital to purchase a Ford Transit van or similar, so a vintage VW bus could be a good option if you have the skills and time required to revamp it. These iconic vans do have surprisingly spacious interiors, as well as cooking space which can be converted to fit your needs. Built-in sinks and special storage compartments in the later models are plus, while the attached awning allows owners to even cook al fresco. With a splash of bright paint on the outside and a few customisation cooking customizations on the inside, a VW campervan is a great choice if you're looking to do the festival circuit and want to get noticed.

If space and reliability are what you're after then a Ford Transit will make an excellent choice, whereas if you want something a little more chic and vintage then the CX Citroen or VW campervan could do the trick. Good luck in finding the perfect van!

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