Petrol is an expensive commodity in today’s world. However, there are many simple steps that van drivers can take to reduce their fuel consumption and save money.

Here are ten of the best tips for van drivers.

Keep tyres well inflated

Making sure that your tyres are at the correct pressure is one of the most efficient ways to save fuel. Tyres that are under inflated will increase your van’s fuel consumption by as much as 3%. Check your vehicle’s recommended tyre pressures by reading the instruction manual or check the figures on the driver’s door. Carry out a check every two weeks and use the air machine at your local garage or purchase your own tyre inflator.

Drive at a steady speed

Avoiding sudden braking helps to conserve fuel and makes the ride smoother for any passengers. Where there are speed bumps or sleeping policeman aim to drive at a steady 15 to 20 mph.

Read the road ahead

Good anticipation when driving your van can also help to save fuel and keep you safe. Always look well ahead on the road and notice potential hazards that will cause you to brake suddenly. Drivers who anticipate the road conditions will start to slow down early and may avoid braking, saving fuel at the same time.

Reduce weight in your vehicle

Unnecessary weight in the van leads to excessive fuel consumption. Check the back of your vehicle for heavy items and if they are not needed, then remove them.

Plan your journey in advance

Van drivers who plan their routes carefully can make significant savings to fuel consumption. By taking busy route drivers will use more fuel, especially if stuck in traffic jams at peak times of the day. Using a quieter road with less traffic will result in fuel efficiencies, even if the route is longer.

Use a SatNav or App to plan the best route

A sat nav can help van drivers avoid congested roads and may even give advance warning of traffic problems or supply drivers with an alternative route.

A traffic app for smartphones can help drivers share real-time information about traffic conditions, helping both themselves and other drivers.

Watch your top speed

Maximum fuel efficiency occurs when driving between 40 and 55 miles per hour in top gear. Above 60mph and fuel economy declines rapidly, so take care to moderate your speed.

Use your van's gears efficiently

Over revving the engine causes poor fuel economy. Change to a higher gear well before 2500 revs and listen carefully to your engine.

Find the best petrol deal in your area

Use a website such as to track down the cheapest fuel prices in your local area. Type in your postcode and set up an account to see the best value petrol stations near you.

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