Have you been thinking about changing your van recently? Here are some reasons that should encourage you to think about it seriously.

You are keener to go for a drive than your van

If you are finding your trusty old van which has never let you down, is sometimes not so keen to start, maybe ask yourself why. It is not unknown for vans to exceed the 200,000 miles mark; however this will not be without its costs. Already far exceeding the expected mileage for a car, if your van is touching the 150,000 mark then it is to be expected that parts are going to need replacing. Starting problems such as sensor errors, worn timing belts and starter motor issues can start to cost a lot of money. Not only does a newer van mean you are less likely to need these replacement parts; but a newer van is also cheaper in running costs and insurance.

The mechanic either sighs or rubs his hands together on your approach

Are you finding your van needs to go to the garage more often? The British Public are well known for attaching significance to possessions such as their van, and pay the money to keep them running as long as possible. Add up the costs of the repair bills over the last few months, along with road tax and insurance costs and you will probably find a newer van is a sounder investment.

You now know your breakdown provider on a first name basis

The same as we do, the older a van gets, the more she starts to show her age. Vans are probably one of the most reliable vehicles around, they are designed to cover the thousands of miles that come with being a commercial vehicle. However has your old faithful started to become a little sluggish to start or the warning lights keep coming on? If you are finding you are regularly calling your breakdown provider, and knowing 'Dave' the mechanic is on his way, then now is probably the time to thinking about swapping your van. If you don't want to go for a brand new van, there is a good selection of used vans in Swindon, through Austen Trading.

You actually need more space

It may be just a case of you are finding that you just do not have enough space for your work equipment. Smaller vans are great, and a lot cheaper in running costs than a larger van. If you are however, finding the space in your van is more like a jigsaw puzzle, it is time for a change. Overloading a smaller van not only is difficult to find what you need, but also has safety implications. If you exceed the payload on your van you could also risk a large fine. Definitely a reason to upgrade to a larger van in our book!