New cars are a good choice because of warranty extensions, low repair costs, and low-interest rates. Many people also appreciate the fact that their new vehicle is equipped with all the latest technology and gadgets.

The pleasure of owning a brand new car is not for everyone, and we can understand that.

Used vehicles are both cheaper to purchase and to maintain than new ones. You won't have to worry about huge repair costs for the first year or so with many models coming with warranties.

Here's why we believe a used car on finance is a great option if you're looking to buy or replace a vehicle.

Payments are lower

The cost of used cars is much lower than that of new cars. The value of vans, like cars, tend to lose 12 months after their release making them significantly cheaper as new models are constantly released. But just because they are cheaper it does not mean they are less effective and capable. In fact, in buying a used van, you are purchasing branded one at a lower price. You can choose to buy the latest model of a BMW or a Volkswagen which are not as old and dilapidated. In addition, you have more freedom to choose and select the van from a myriad of options. You can even look for that dream car of yours which you cannot afford because of its price.

Another good thing about second-hand vans is that you can also seek financial assistance with some reasonable terms to help you buy that van for your company or family.

Don't depreciate

Those of you who have recently purchased a new car is probably well aware of the fact that the price drops hugely once they leave the dealership. The benefit of financing a used vehicle is that the vehicle will have already depreciated significantly. This makes it ideal to exchange the van you bought for another used van. You might find the current one you bought is lacking and inappropriate to the needs of your business or family. Changing is easy because of the low prices of vehicles. This also means that if you plan to swap your current vehicle, its price has been reduced to another half.

A lot of options to choose from to take home

One of the biggest advantages of buying a used car is that you won't have to wait around, unlike when you buy a brand new vehicle that has to be customized to meet your exact needs. Used cars are therefore a reasonable choice if you need a car right away. Buying a used car also allows you to take it out for a test drive before committing to it, something that is not possible with a new one.

Not to mention that with the annual release of new models of different brands to keep up with innovation, there is a surplus of vans in second van dealers, pawnshops and banks. You just need to pick and browse through the various collections that these dealers have.

Taxes are cheaper

You probably wouldn't have to pay much tax if you registered your used car before 1st April 2017. These new rules were implemented after this date. Especially when it comes to lower emissions vehicles and lower tax rates. Therefore, instead of buying that new big vehicle, think about buying one that uses less fuel and saves you money immediately.

The money you saved can be used for other things such as refurbishing your used van such as installing flat screens for family outings or even improving the capacity of the car's AC which can make you and your loved ones more comfortable while riding the vehicle. Much more, repainting it to your liking is another option that you can consider. More often than not, used vans have limited colours to choose from. You will have to stick to what is available, but with the excess budget that you have, it is possible to have your desired colour and design at lower rates.

More affordable insurance premiums

Used van insurance is usually more affordable than new car insurance. This is because if you write off your vehicle after an accident, your insurer only pays the present value of the vehicle. An older equivalent would probably be much lower. This is a good opportunity to secure your future and the safety of your family should any unfortunate accidents happen. It will not be hard on your part to source out funds for repairs or even buying a new one should the vehicle be beyond repair

Automobile warranties

Many dealers inspect used vehicles thoroughly before selling them to the public. The items are referred to as 'approved used' in this case, meaning they have been inspected and are in excellent condition to be resold.

The limited warranty that comes with used vehicles is another proof of the quality of the vehicle. Likewise, if something goes wrong during the first year, the garage may be able to fix it without charge. This is also a fact in repossessed vehicles by banks and other financial institutions. You may be able to save from buying a year’s worth of insurance, allowing you to save for the next year.

Last Words

Whether you plan on purchasing a van for personal or commercial use, be sure to carefully examine it and understand what you're getting when you're looking for a good financing deal.

You will find a wide selection of used vans for sale, so don't be too hasty in your purchase. It is better to test drive it, look underneath the hood, and inspect it for damage - go round and round until you find the perfect vehicle for you and your budget.