If you are on the hunt for cheap vans, the second-hand market is usually the easiest route you can take. It is a matter of fact that thousands of used vehicles are available for you to choose however, you should also take into consideration various ways to protect yourself from dishonest vehicle dealers. One way of dealing with this matter is acquainting yourself with the conventionalities of buying used vehicles.

First, you need to determine why you need such a vehicle. Does your business require it to run properly? How many vehicles are needed to meet the demands of your business? What specific type of van does your business require? How much is your budget to acquire such an investment? How long are you planning to use the vehicle? These are just some of the questions you need to answer before talking to a vehicle dealer.

As soon as you visit a dealership, several options will be shown to you. You might be offered additional features such as internal racking systems, load coverings, roof bars or ladder racks. If these features are beneficial for your business, there is no harm in adding them to your purchase but if these features are not essential, you do not have to acquire them and pay extra.

So that you can adequately protect yourself, here are the basics of buying a cheap van.

  • First and foremost, find a van with a clear service history. The history must include details about its regular and annual maintenance. If possible, the service history should be clear enough to trace its servicing from the original vehicle dealers. If this is not possible for your chosen vehicle, the dealers must at least show you a record showing that the vehicle underwent regular maintenance.
  • When it comes to purchasing a cheap van, or any vehicle in general, you should trust your gut feeling. If you feel that something isn’t right, something is probably not right. Prepare to walk away or find other options. Do not let traders or sellers force you into an investment that does not feel good right from the very start. Always remember that the proper paperwork and the right details must all be present before you make a final decision.

Buying a Cheap Van

Now that you are familiar with the golden rules, prepare a used van document checklist that will guide you through the purchasing process. The vehicle of your choice must come with a V5C logbook which should include the name of the previous owner, vehicle description, VIN, registration number, address and the number of previous owners. Every detail should match from the V5C logbook. If the seller or dealer cannot present these details to you, it is best to find another vehicle.

If you have finally chosen a van, the seller or dealer will fill out all the details needed in section 2 of the V5C logbook and submit it to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency or DVLA. Aside from that, the seller or dealer must fill out the green section too and entrust that copy to you. This document will initially prove your ownership of the vehicle. A new V5C logbook will eventually be sent to you with your name already placed on it. This process can be done by the previous owner in person or online.

Aside from completing the V5C logbook, the seller or dealer must hand over the MOT certificate, vehicle service history and Vehicle Excise Duty to you.

When it comes to buying a cheap van, you must be able to determine your budget and stick to it. If possible, ask the seller or dealer if they can offer you finance options that will suit you. If not, you can always organise your finance option separately.

You must do your own research too. Try to understand the used van market by searching for your preferred vehicle online and comparing its rates from several dealers. Visiting a few franchised and independent dealerships and checking the condition of the vehicles can also help you to make sure you are getting the best deal for you.

In some cases, traders or dealers might try to take advantage of you by posing as private sellers to avoid their legal responsibilities. If you decide to purchase a vehicle through them, chances are, you won’t be getting the right kind of support if something goes wrong with your vehicle.

Business transactions between private sellers and vehicle dealerships are governed by a different set of laws so if you have closed a deal from a private seller, the level of buyer protection you will get would be different from that of a dealer.

As always, never purchase a vehicle if you haven’t seen it personally. Check the vehicle inside out. Acquaint yourself with the various warning lights on a vehicle dashboard and check for any signs of vehicle neglect or abuse.

Are the windows working well? Can you adjust the seats? Is the air-conditioning and heater in full working order? Don’t just check the internal and external parts of the vehicle: go down and check what’s underneath. Does it look well-maintained or is it full of damage or rust?

If anything out of the ordinary is present, walk away from this vehicle. Having adequate mechanical knowledge will protect you from dishonest dealers.

As always, take your potential vehicle for a drive. Try out all the gears. Listen for unusual sounds. If something is wrong, prepare to walk away and find a better vehicle.

Where can you buy cheap vans?

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