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The popularity of crew cab vans is steadily increasing for several reasons; entrepreneurs and private individuals admire its ability to take workers on and off their working spaces or carry heavy cargo, as well as its ability to serve as a large family vehicle when bank holidays or the weekend arrives.

Vehicle manufacturers are taking note of these trends. They are continually offering new makes and models of crew cab vans which include a second row of passenger seats. This additional row provides a comfortable seating for 3 additional passengers while keeping a considerable area for carrying goods or work-related machinery.

If you are trying to figure out the perks of using crew cab vans for your business, read on and find out all the considerations you need to focus on.

Used Transit Crew Cab

When it comes to price points, the rates of brand new crew cab vans would start at around £30,000, the models of which are the most basic you can get from these kinds of vehicles. If you are aiming for the 4x4 variants with higher price points, the price would be around £40,000 more or less, depending on the vehicle brand and vehicle features you are going to settle on. Some brand new crew cab vans can go with a starting price as high as £50,000 and above, the cost of which will still go up if you upgrade to a premium model or add optional features.

However, you can always go lower than those starting rates. How? Settle for a used transit crew cab from a dealer near you.

If your company is on a budget, going for second hand vehicles is the next best option you can take. When it comes to availability, used transit crew cabs come in various makes, models and price points that are way cheaper than brand new ones.

To find the perfect vehicle, all you need to do is do a bit of research, talk to a reliable and trusted dealer, choose a van, thoroughly inspect it, ask for its complete service history, find out if it is VAT-registered and ask if financing is available for your chosen vehicle. Although the entire process sounds easy, it takes a bit of time, patience and common sense to land you with the best possible deal to suit you.

Crew Cab Vans

When it comes to the passenger comfort and storage options of crew cab vans, features like storage pockets or cup holders may be present, depending on the vehicle model you settle for. This lack of storage options and features on the second row of seating might make the passengers feel more like a cargo than part of the crew however, this is something that you should weigh up at the outset of the purchasing process.

Some crew cab vans have cup holders at the central console which the passengers at the back can access. Others have storage bins added to the rear seats too but in general, both of these features are usually not available.

But the folks at the back seat can always look at the bright side. The cabin area of crew cab vans is spacious and there is enough headroom to which everyone can wiggle on. The leg room at the back is also quite generous and the floor area is comfortable for the feet. In some crew cab vans, the rear passengers can enjoy adjustable backrests and a comfortable elbow and shoulder room good for 3 persons.

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Because passengers are sharing the space with cargo behind them, this potential hazard must be addressed even before the vehicle is allowed to run. To protect the passengers from moving objects or projectiles in the event of emergencies, a barrier can be placed between the cargo and cabin area.

If this vehicle will be used primarily in transporting your employees, investing in composite or full steel bulkhead or steel mesh barriers is a must. The only downside is the rear passengers won’t be able to tumble and fold the seats forward if they wish to.

Crew Cab

Aside from carrying an extra amount of passengers, crew cabs are capable of carrying a considerable amount of cargo at the rear portion of the vehicle. To make your cargo bay durable, additional features must be added such as weatherproofing, central locking doors, tinder windows, lockable storage areas or fastened fiberglass canopies.

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If your enterprise would require the frequent towing of your crew cab van, you must determine if your potential vehicle is capable of doing this. In some cases, towing will invalidate the warranty of the vehicle so take note about that. Vehicles that are front-wheel driven are not favourable for towing because it will affect its braking efficiency, steering efficiency and traction.

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Noise is an important factor to consider when searching for crew cab vans. When the van is empty, it will serve as a chamber that will facilitate echo. When running on motorways, the noise could become unbearable.

To address this issue, you can install a bulkhead and place it in between the cargo and cabin area. Most of the time, this is an additional feature that is optional but if you want comfortable crew cab vans for your employees, be willing to invest in it.

Crew Cab for Sale

After weighing the possible pros and cons, the final decision of settling for a specific crew cab for sale is always yours. Whether you intend to use it solely for business, use it for personal reasons at some point of its life or both, work out how each unique vehicle feature can benefit you and your company.

Combining work and play in one vehicle is quite a feat on its own so if you have any questions or you would like to talk to an expert regarding this matter, the guys at Big Van World are all ears and always ready to assist you!