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August 17, 2017 at 7:43 PM

Three factors that will ensure that you get the most money possible when you do a van trade-in

Selling your van is an excellent way to make a sizeable lump sum that can be spent on necessities, luxuries - or an upgrade to a new and improved type of van. Paying attention to the factors enumerated below will help you to get the maximum price for your vehicle. You might be surprised at how taking some relatively small and simple actions can dramatically increase the asking price of a van. Run through this list of three factors to make sure that you get yourself the best deal. 

1. The general condition of the van

A new lick of paint, a careful clean of the inside of the van, mending tears in the interiors and replacing rusted handles and hub caps with gleaming new ones is relatively quick and inexpensive. However, enhancing the condition of your van will make it much more attractive to potential buyers and will enable you to ask for more money for it when you put it on the market. 

2. Remove customisations

If you have your current company name plastered over the side of the vehicle, or if you have had it kitted out with leopard print seats and a tiger print exterior, you may find it slightly more difficult to sell. Buyers tend to prefer vehicles that offer them a 'blank canvas' that they can make their own. Replace jazzy interiors with a more neutral design and spray over any loud patterns or personalised logos on the side of the van. The same goes for technical modifications. You may love that extra loud rev that is created by means of a special amplifier, but potential buyers may find it annoying, so it's best to remove the amplifier before putting the van on the market. You can always offer modifications like this as optional extras that you can sell to interested buyers for more cash - or you could save them for the next van that you buy for yourself.

3. Pay attention to the season and the location

In certain areas, it will usually be easier to sell your van than in others. Moreover, buyers are more willing to splash their cash on new second hand vehicles in certain month of the year compared to others. Get to know the market in your area so that you can place the ad for your van at the perfect time of year - and ensure that your advert is visible in all of the right regions as well. 

Now you're ready to rake in that cash

The above three tips are so easy to apply, but they will switch your van trade-in strategy from amateur to professional. Ensure that you get the maximum amount of cash for your old van by paying attention to its condition, by removing customisations and by selling it at the right time and place.



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