If you're in the market for a used van, you'll want to know which ones are the most popular. Here are the 10 most popular used vans in the UK for 2022. With so many options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect one for your needs. Whether you need a large van for business purposes or a smaller model for personal use, there's bound to be something on this list that fits your needs. So what are you waiting for? Start browsing today!

10 Most Popular Used Vans in the UK

Used vans continue to offer significant savings for consumers. Almost everyone, from small business owners to larger ones, seeks the most efficient and reliable mode of transport. In the UK, the used van market generally continues to be highly competitive, with the number of buyers on the rise.

If you’re looking to secure your next van or you’re new to buying vehicles, we are here to help. Read this list to discover the most popular car brands in the UK for 2022.

1.Ford Transit Custom

Ford Transit Custom is a great all-around vehicle. Offering a good combination of space and cargo capacity, this medium-sized van is roomy and easy to drive. Even in 2022, it continues to outsell its competition. A big hit among new buyers, it is just as popular among used van shoppers, making it among the fastest-selling used cars in the UK for 2022. There’s enough space for nine people inside the vehicle, and it can easily hold around 1,459kg of cargo.

2.Ford Transit

Ford Transit is the van of choice for many households in the UK. Having been around for more than half a century, it is a reliable, comfortable van that can be driven easily. Since 1965, approximately eight million units of this model have been produced, making it among the most popular cars in the UK. The Transit comes in three different body lengths and two heights. It also has the highest load capacity among Ford's van lineup.

3.Vauxhall Vivaro

Vauxhall Vivaro can handle a huge amount of payload (up to 1,458kg) with ease and is incredibly fuel-efficient. It is available in two different lengths and three body styles. Additionally, it has superb cargo and towing (2,500kg) capabilities. You can choose from 1.5-litre turbo diesel, 2.0-litre turbo diesel and electric options for the engine. Its comfortable interior and powerful engine make it a solid competitor to Ford’s Transit Custom.

4.Volkswagen Transporter

Volkswagen Transporter is a medium-sized vehicle offering a wide range of engines and body sizes that can appeal to almost everyone. It is regarded as one of the most iconic vans, alongside Ford’s Transit. It offers several safety features, a comfortable ride and a decent payload of up to 1,278kg.

Nothing says versatility and practicality like VW’s Transporter. A favourite among retail buyers and tradespeople, it’s also highly sought after by those with large families and those looking for minibuses.

5.Citroen Berlingo

Having been around since the 1990s, Citroen Berlingo remains popular among small van shoppers. This popularity means there will be a fair number of used options available. Aside from providing you with a comfortable drive, it also has driver assistance and advanced safety features. The Berlingo is a compact van that is ideal for delivering goods throughout busy cities and towns in the UK. It’s also got an impressive payload (up to 1,009kg) for its size. This reliable van is offered in two lengths.

6.Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter continues to set the standard for large vans. Its powerful engine, outstanding reliability and high-tech features make it among the best-used cars for 2022 in the UK that you can buy. It features a wide range of technology and equipment, including an infotainment system and connectivity features. It also comes with a three-year, unlimited-mileage warranty and free roadside assistance for 30 years.

This van is a popular choice for delivery services. It comes in four lengths and three heights.

7.Toyota Hilux

Toyota Hilux is one of the most well-known pick-up trucks in the UK. Since its introduction to the market in the 1960s, Hilux has earned a reputation as a tough and durable van. This pick-up’s pleasant ride, versatile configuration and a significant increase in safety features make it an attractive choice for buyers. It usually comes with a 10-year warranty. Other appealing features include its carrying capacity (of over a tonne) and towing capabilities.

8.Peugeot Partner

Peugeot Partner's popularity among buyers continues to grow. This popularity can be attributed to the van’s high payload capacity, easy handling and advanced technology. It features a variety of powerful petrol and diesel engine options as well as manual and automatic transmission options. Due to its many features and solid capabilities, Peugeot Partner is an excellent small van option. Overall, this van is incredibly smooth, fun to drive and engaging.

9.Ford Transit Connect

Offering practical cargo space and a comfortable interior, the Ford Transit Connect is an easy vehicle to operate. Its double cab model features second-row seating and side doors that slide to provide easier access.

Transit Connect is tough and reliable, offering great all-around performance. It’s available in two lengths and two different roof heights.

10.Renault Trafic

Renault Trafic features a big and boxy loading bay design, making it a suitable medium-sized van choice for buyers who need to transport heavy loads. Like Ford’s Transit Connect, Traffic is available in two lengths and two different roof heights. It has a maximum payload capacity of 1,240kg and a maximum towing capacity of 2,000kg.

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