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June 21, 2017 at 1:23 PM

Having a business in the tours and travel world is a lucrative idea and can see you achieve financial freedom with the proper tools and planning. One of the tools of trade in this business that you ought not to ignore is a minibus. There are many benefits of owning a minibus as compared to hiring. Tour operators have gone to the lengths of taking loans from financial institutions to secure their personal minibuses so as to maximise on the company’s profits.


More room for travellers

Having a minibus for your travel agency is a good way of ensuring that you can meet the demand of clients. People who are looking for a good tours company will most likely inquire about the kind of vehicle that they will be using for their excursion.

A minibus provides a big room which is large enough to accommodate people who need to travel in large groups and still maintain comfort. Having a vehicle where customers can stand inside and still feel comfortable is a great customer attraction tool in your business. 


Long-term returns

The initial cost of owning a minibus for your travel agency may seem significant, but there are many gains associated with having your business vehicle as compared to leasing. A company’s minibus is always maintained and kept in good condition due timely checkups and maintenance.

You will not need to pay for hiring costs even when the minibus remains in the parking lot as you would do with a hired van. The resale value of the vehicle is also maintained as you can maintain and keep track of the condition of your vehicle.


Timely delivery and convenience

A minibus purchased for tours and travel business will always be available when the need to use it arises. You can transport tourist to their destination at any time without having to go through the car hiring paperwork which could lead to delays. Since you are aware of your vehicle’s current condition, you can avoid conveniences which could be brought by breakdown during excursions with a hired car.



A tours and travel agency’s image is one of the vital organs in marketing the company. Having your minibus allows you to brand it in a way that reflects the standard services of your business. Branding will be impossible with a leased vehicle as some are not comfortable with their cars changing their original paint. Having a branded minibus also shows seriousness and dedication in your business for customer satisfaction and is more likely to attract impromptu clients who come across the minibus. 

The benefits of having your minibus for your tours and travel agency indisputably outweigh leasing. The benefits may not be realised or felt in the short-term, but the company will see a significant increment in its returns from owning a minibus in the long-term. A business-owned minibus is, therefore, a crucial asset that any business owner with a long-term vision needs to incorporate in the firm operations.

Why a minibus is a vital part of Tour Operators