“To have or not to have a van, that is a question?” I apologise for paraphrasing that monument of English literature that Shakespeare is but that may be a question you are considering when thinking about buying a van.

Here are a few ideas to convince you to buy a van.

Starting your own business.

Having a van is one of recognition signs of business owners. From the building company to the courier company, vans are essential for many activities. Whether you need one to carry supplies or products a van can be of a great help as your business grows.

You could also consider making and delivering sandwiches for other companies what about creating your own burrito van or your wheeled pub or café.

Having a big family

When you have more than 3 children you need to invest in a van, that’s a necessity. Yes forget about the estate you loved to drive or your powerful 4x4, vans are your only solution.

Moving Home and Home Improvement

The most traditional use of the minivan is of course moving home or carrying around building materials, depending from the size of your pad you may need a smaller or bigger van. In this case you have several choices:

  • Car derived
  • SWB Vans
  • MWB Vans
  • LWB Vans
  • Dropsides
  • Tippers
  • Lutons
  • HGVs

We advise you to go for an MWB if you rent a flat as you will save time in case you live in Balmoral or in Windsor Castles we suggest a few HGVs. But in the end it’s your call to make.


One of the possibilities that only a few people consider is travelling with a van. Who needs a motorhome when you can simply convert your van into a camper van? For those who are fond of the “Flower Power” movement vans have evolved a lot since the “Volkswagen Type 2”. All you need is just to convert it, but it could be better than having a motorhome and definitely a cheaper option.

Now that you have seen that home moving is not the only use for a van. It is up to you to decide what you need so do not hesitate to contact your favourite used van dealer.