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January 21, 2020 at 4:18 PM

We get plenty of queries about vans, and for that reason, we thought it would be a good idea to put together some of the more frequently asked questions that we receive all in one place. Read on to see if your question can be answered.

How long is a VW Transporter?

A VW Transporter is a convenient van for many common business transportation activities. There’s both a VW Transporter SWB configuration and an LWB configuration for different business requirements, plus the LWB model, which has both a standard and elongated height model.

VW Transporter SWB Model

The shorter wheelbase VW Transporter model isn’t as tall because this version only has a low roof out of the factory. The wheelbase is 3,000mm in length. The load length reaches up to 2,572mm and the load height from the floor to the roof is 1,410mm for practical storage. The total volume for loads is 5.8 cubic metres.

VW Transporter LWB Model

The longer wheelbase VW Transporter model is taller than the LWB, so it’s not only longer outside, but it’s possible to take advantage of the greater internal dimensions too.

The longer wheelbase is 3,400mm in length. The load length reaches up to 2,975mm which is generous for this size of van. The load height for the standard model is the same as the 1,410mm for the SWB model. However, the load height is boosted for the other LWB model at 1,940mm to handle taller loads too.

How Long is a Ford Transit Van?

There have been many Ford Transit vans over the years; it’s been on the market since 1965. There’s a bunch of models pre-2013, as well as the post-2013 models which represented the fifth gen Ford Transit. Along with the Ford Transit, there’s the Transit Courier, Transit Connect, Transit Custom and Transit Van, specifically.

The Ford Transit Van Models break down into L2, L3 and L4. The L2 is medium wheelbase, the L3 is long wheelbase, and the L4 is extra-long. There’s also the choice of different roof heights on several models too, to add to the complexity.

L2 model

The L2 is the medium wheelbase that is 5,531mm in external length. The interior is 3,650mm in length to handle bigger loads.

L3 model

The L3 is the long wheelbase and comes at an external length of 5,981mm. It’s designed to reduce the number of delivery trips needed because it handles almost anything.

L4 model

The L4 is the extra-long wheelbase and has a stated length of 6,704mm.

How Long is a Sprinter Van?

The Mercedes Sprinter van is one of the most popular options on the market. There are both short, long, and extra-long wheelbase models and also various height options too.


The L1 is their short wheelbase option. It’s 4,999mm in exterior length with an internal loading space area of 2,537mm. Both the L1H1 (standard external height) at 1,971mm and the L1H2 (optimised height) at 2,465mm are the same length.


The L2 is their medium wheelbase option. It’s 5,399mm in exterior length with an internal loading space area of 2,937mm. Both the L2H1 (standard external height) at 1,971mm and the L2H2 (optimised height) at 2,465mm are just as long.


The L3 is their long wheelbase choice. It’s 6,967mm in exterior length with an internal loading area of 4,307mm.


The L4 is their extra-long wheelbase option. It’s a beast with 7,367mm in exterior length and internal loading space of 4,707mm. As many as seven European-sized pallets can slide into an L4 with the help of a fork-lift truck.

How Long is a VW Caddy?

A VW Caddy is a small van mostly used for short delivery runs and not long-haul scheduling. There’s both a VW Caddy and a VW Caddy Maxi model. The latter is the larger model of the two.

There are different models available. Depending on what’s selected, the model will be either 2,682m in external length or 3,006mm for the longer Maxi model. The height is 1,244mm with the Maxi model offering 1,259mm instead.

How Long Can You Drive?

For van drivers in the UK, the maximum time allowed to drive per day is 10 hours. There are separate rules for off-road driving which are worth reviewing too.

A daily duty of 11 hours is permitted. This includes driving and non-driving time, excluding permitted breaks. Note that the rules in Europe and elsewhere may be different.

How Long Does a Cambelt Last?

A cambelt could last anywhere between 40,000 and 100,000 miles. In terms of duration, that might be 4 years, or it could be six years. Look at the handbook for the vehicle to check the suggested replacement frequency.

How Long Does It Take to Change a Cambelt?

Changing the cambelt is a rather involved process. It often involves not only the cambelt itself, but rollers, water pumps, checking that the intake doesn’t need a good clean and then resetting the timing for the injection too. All told, allow 3-4 hours to change the cambelt in many types of vans.

How to Make Brake Pads Last Longer

Making the brake pads last longer is partly down to purchasing brake pads from a reputable brand and having them fitted properly, but it’s also down to other factors too.

When driving with a heavy foot where you’re on and off the brakes because you’re driving faster, that will burn through the pads quicker. However, by permitting a gap between your van and the vehicle in front to prevent the need to regularly tap on the brake instead of just letting off the accelerator to naturally slow down, the brake pads get less work. Slower speeds also put less wear on the pads.

How Long is 15 hours?

For HGV drivers, UK regulations stipulate that a driver must have at least 9 hours rest over the span of 24 hours, and that must occur three or more times each week. This requires a driver to not work greater than three 15-hour workdays during a given week.

It’s also useful to know that there’s a maximum of four and a half hours of driving an HGV before it’s necessary to have a statutory break of no less than 45 minutes. The 4.5 hours can be over multiple periods or in one single activity. The 45-minute break can get broken up into 1x15 minute and 1x30 minute breaks if this is more convenient. Crucially, there’s a hard limit on driving which cannot exceed 56 hours in a given workweek.

We hope that these answers cover any van-related questions that you might have. If you have others, please let us know, so we can add them at a future time.