More and more people are discovering that a van gives them everything they get from a car – and a whole lot more.

Here are the top ten reasons people give for switching to a van.

1. It’s up to you how you use the van

When you buy a car, you have very limited configuration options – you can generally fold down one or more seats, and that’s it. With a van, it’s entirely up to you how you configure the internal space. You can add extra seating, a storage area, leisure fittings, even a mini office. With a car, the manufacturer dictates how you can use the vehicle. With a van, you’re in charge.

2. Ideal for family trips

Because of the extra space in a van, you can have a double row of seats and use it for the school run but still have enough space and flexibility to put in some camping equipment, fix the bikes to the back and head off for a day in the woods or a weekend at a campsite. On Monday, the van’s back to being a workhorse.

3. Safer driving position

In most vans, you’re higher up than in a car, so you get great views and can anticipate driving decisions because you can see further ahead – this gives a safer drive.

4. Fuel economy

SUVs are inflexible in use and eat up fuel when loaded. Vans are designed to economise on fuel when carrying heavy loads. In addition, the ability to see further ahead enables you to slow the van on the gears, rather than suddenly slamming on the brakes which use lots of fuel.

5. More comfortable

Car makers boast about comfort, but the fact is that vans are more comfortable for to drive. They have to be because they’re designed to be comfortable enough to be driven all day.

6. Wrap it!

It’s much easier to customise a van with an amazing colour, or an all-over wrap. Saloon cars look silly if you do this to them. Vans look great – they can carry it off.

7. Older people can find them easier…

Many older people find vans easier to get into because they don’t have to drop down into them, then struggle up again as they do with a car. Disabled taxis are nearly always vans.

8. … and so do parents with children

A sliding door is great because children, prams, bags and all the accessories of family life are much easier to get in and out of the vehicle.

9. Smaller footprints available

Many vans look large because they are taller. But a surprising number will fit comfortably onto a supermarket parking space despite having far more usable interior space than a car.

10. They’re much, much more fun

Everyone should own a van once in their life – so what are you waiting for? You can get finance and friendly advice from Austen’s, the van experts.

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