Are you in the market for a used van? Perhaps you need one for business purposes, so you've got some rather specific needs and wants. Vans offer people a way to transport people and goods with the added convenience of additional space. You'll find everything from a crew van, to fridge vans, standard vans, minibuses, and even custom vans if that is more in line with what you're looking for.

But before you go and pick the first one that catches your eye and sign on the dotted line, there are some questions worth asking. These will help ensure you make an informed purchase decision and that the van you choose is exactly what you need. So, let’s take a look at some of the common questions you may have when looking for a van to purchase.

Private Vans for Sale No VAT

Because everyone is always on the hunt for the best deal, being able to purchase a van that doesn't have VAT (value added tax), can help the bottom line. VAT tacks on an additional 20% to the purchase price, so it is a significant expense. One common question people have is whether or not they can purchase a used private van for sale and get out of paying VAT?

Here's the thing, in some instances you will be able to purchase a car and take advantage of VAT relief, which means you don't pay any VAT, or you can reclaim what you paid in VAT. The key is that the vehicle you are purchasing needs to be used for business purposes only, and nothing else. So, if you have your eye on a private van for business purposes, you will indeed be able to take advantage of VAT relief.

Transit Custom for Sale No VAT?

What if that vehicle is in fact a customised van that you are looking at, such as the Ford Transit Connect? Will you need to pay VAT then? You can go back to that original answer, where the answer is based on how you plan to use the van. If it is for business purposes only, you are free and clear of paying VAT.

A customised van may be able to fit your needs list better in that you don’t have to do the up-fitting yourself; it is already done. This saves you from the added expenses and hassle of having the van in the garage going through renovations before you can get it on the road and in business.

Used Vans NI No VAT

So how do you go about finding used vans that will be for business purposes in Northern Ireland where you can get VAT relief? The good news is that there are dealers such as Big Van World that specialise in selling used vans, giving you the opportunity to search through a large inventory of options.

Ford Transit Connect for Sale No VAT

Why look at a Ford Transit Connect for sale in particular? Again, you’ll be able to take advantage of not paying VAT if the vehicle is for business purposes, but outside of that, the Ford Transit Connect boasts a number of key features and advantages. The Ford Transit Connect is a commercial cargo van that is meant to provide drivers with the space they need combined with reliability, road safety features, and driver assist features.

Whether you want to purchase the van as is, or you plan to up-fit it to fit your company's specific needs, this particular vehicle is known for its versatility. You can just as easily cart around supplies, materials, and equipment as you can passengers.

Depending on the model itself, you'll be able to choose between manual or automatic transmission, diesel or petrol fuel, and a variety of stand-out features. These features include air conditioning, reverse camera, a navigation system built in, parking sensors, Bluetooth (making it easy if you need to speak to customers or dispatch), twin side loading doors, rear barn doors, and more.


Now, many of you are still stuck on the whole no VAT concept. Sure, it’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that you can get out of paying this rather costly tax, but again, when you meet the specific requirements of purchasing a used vehicle that is meant for business purposes only, that is what you’ll be able to do.

VAT is in fact set and collected by the HM Revenue and Customs, so it isn't something that has flexibility. However, VAT can be reclaimed by businesses and individuals who are buying services and goods that will only be used by their business.

Vans for Sale Hull No VAT

Now let's suppose you are specifically looking for a used commercial style van in the area of Hull and you really don't want to pay VAT. Again, if the vehicle is being used for business purposes only, VAT will be of no concern to you.

So, with VAT off your plate of worries and expenses, it's a good idea to really shop around and compare the various options available to you. When it comes to a commercial van factors such as the size, the cargo capacity, safety features, driver assist features, the sticker price, and even the fuel efficiency should all come into play. A van that is meant for your business should have a different list of priorities, wants, and needs than your own personal vehicle.

It’s also a good idea to take some of these used commercial vans out for a test drive to see how they handle. You want to be sure that you pick something you are comfortable with.

Your Key Questions Answered

If you’re purchasing a van for commercial purposes, there is no doubt that your list of priorities and needs will shift vs buying a vehicle for personal use. This is important to recognise so you can then formulate your questions based on that fact. Things such as no VAT or VAT relief should also be factored into the purchasing process.