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The Luton van can be traced back to its inception in Bedfordshire. It was originally designed to make room for low-density goods. This type of van features a box-shaped body that extends over the driver cab. The portion of its body that rests on top of the driver cab is otherwise known as the kick or Luton.

Modern Luton vans still retain the shape of the original design although the body is now designed in such a way as to minimise wind resistance. Most Luton vans are utilised by the removals industry. Some models even have a wind deflector on top of the driver cab. The Luton can be accessed through the main body. In vans with tilting driver cabs, the Luton is usually hinged.

Luton Van Dealers

Before looking out for the best Luton van dealer nearest you, we will share with you the benefits of having one. It can be used for a variety of options. You can purchase one and make it available for hire. A lot of individuals and companies prefer vehicle hire because it is way cheaper than buying a vehicle that will be used for a limited time for a limited purpose. For instance, a Luton for hire is great for moving houses or transporting your goods to customers.

Due to its shape and size, Luton vans are frequently used by the removals industry. The body is large enough to accommodate large pieces of items such as boxes, appliances and home or office furniture in one go. This will minimise your number of trips in between locations, saving you time, money and a great deal of effort. Because the body of Luton vans is spacious, there’s no need to dismantle furniture or appliances, unless they are exceptionally large.

Because a lot of people want to save money and don’t mind lifting their own belongings, they often go for Luton vans for hire whenever they need it. This also gives them the freedom to do their tasks at their own pace and time and not worrying about spending too much time on the road. Luton vans have tail lifts that can help you lower heavy items without breaking your back.

So, if you are planning to invest in a van for carrying goods, you now have a viable option to consider. Look for a dealer that can supply all that you need in a Luton Van.

Luton Van for Sale

For enterprises that intend to use vans for extensive use, investing in a second hand Luton van is economical and practical. A lot of businesses cannot afford to buy brand new ones due to financial constraints. Purchasing one can free your time from arranging a long-term vehicle hire agreement. Aside from the fact that buying a pre-owned vehicle is cheap, buying it from a reliable dealer will give you peace of mind because they thoroughly inspect any vehicles before it goes out for sale.

If you are considering Luton vans as part of your fleet, take note of the benefits we have mentioned earlier. If you are in the business of haulage and removals, adding another second hand van will be beneficial. Even if you are only planning to purchase it and make it available for hire, that is something considerable too.

Luton Van with Tail Lift

Luton vans are very recognisable. You can spot one almost instantly. Their versatility as a vehicle made them a mainstay on our roads. They are great for transporting heavy items because of their large bodies and tail lift. Because their body extends on top of the driver cab, it means you can accommodate more items in just one go.

Luton vans can be driven by anyone with a standard driving licence. This is another reason why they have remained so popular throughout the years.

As you already know, transporting goods or moving houses entail a lot of heavy lifting. With Luton vans, there’s no need to strain yourself when putting items in and out of it.

The tail lift will come in handy in those situations. Instead of carrying heavy items all the way to the back of the van, all you need to do is put the items on the tail lift and let it do the job for you. The tail lift can help you complete work with less help in a much faster way.

Whether you are transporting pallets of cosmetics, boxes of cereals, materials for house construction or antique grand pianos, it is a breeze for Luton vans. That is why this type of vehicle is preferred by the haulage and removals industry up to this day.

16ft Luton Van

Due to their size, most individuals or enterprises use Luton vans to move houses or transport goods. Getting a Luton van with a tail lift is also beneficial because this means you will have fewer trips between your locations and spend less time travelling on the road. A 16ft Luton van will give you more time to unpack. As an enterprise, it will help you get on with other transactions that can help your business grow at a faster rate.

If you already know that you need a Luton van, be mindful of the specific dimensions you need, as this may affect your movement in areas with height or width restrictions. Other than that, be systematic in choosing and inspecting your vehicle of choice in a dealership in order to have an exceptional experience.

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