Otherwise known as prisoner transport vehicles or ‘meat wagon’ to those inside, prison vans with cells are vehicles that are retrofitted or specially designed for transporting prisoners from one secure area to another. The usual route takes place from a prison to court or to move prisoners from one prison to another.

To keep the prisoners and staff inside the vehicle safe, many features are added such as bulletproof glass, strong bars, wire mesh, segregated compartments for prisoners and additional seating for escorting officers.

Various features may be added to these vehicles such as first aid, emergency equipment, restraints, weapons, GPS units and radio to ensure the safety of the escorts and the prisoners. To level up the security measures, prisoners are often restrained while being transported. In some cases, they are manually secured to the vehicle itself, handcuffed upon reaching the secure area or sometimes both.

The movement of prisoners from one secure unit to another depends on the decision of the judicial system, the police or the detention centres themselves. How long a prisoner stays in one secure location is always uncertain but one thing is for sure: prison vans with cells move every type of prisoner.

Moving prisoners is a very crucial function, that is why vans with cells are used. The interior of the van is divided into several compartments. Prisoners are handcuffed then placed inside the cell. In some cases, handcuffs may be removed when inside their cell. After loading all prisoners into the vehicle, several security checks will be made before the journey begins.

Regular and scheduled journeys may not go directly to the assigned destination such as the Court, they may stop from one prison to another, picking up prisoners along the way.

Transporting prisoners comes with a unique set of challenges. When driving to some destinations, prison vans may be at risk if they have inadequate assistance or low security. To address these issues if required additional police personnel and extra prison vehicles are often used to escort the prisoners. Police escorts are always present if high profile or dangerous prisoners are being transported. These prison vans can run up and down the motorways just like any other vehicle.

Police Vans for Sale

Most police vans in the UK can accommodate two prisoners or more and are specially designed to keep them safe while en route. A seat is also reserved for prison personnel or a police officer to accompany the prisoners. A double latch security feature should also be installed to prevent the back doors from being unlocked from the inside. The vehicle can be equipped with various sirens, LED lights and so much more.

Brand new police vans may be costly, which is why the second hand market comes in handy. Several dealers can offer numerous vans which can be converted into prison vans with cells.

Second hand vans are great alternatives if you are planning to add new vehicles to your prison fleet. Since they are way cheaper than brand new ones, you can purchase more than one or purchase just a single one and have it installed with several security features.

When it comes to picking the right vehicle from your second hand dealership, a bit of patience and research will do the trick but first and foremost, it is best to talk to a reliable dealer about it. You need to know what type of van you need, how much your budget is and any other additional security features.

The full service history will also come in handy if it is available as you need to know how the vehicle was treated by its previous owners. If it seems that the vehicle was treated badly, walk away and find another vehicle. There are plenty of vans available and you don’t have to worry about running out of options.

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