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January 16, 2018 at 9:38 AM

It can be a huge problem if your van's heating is not working - especially during the cold month.

Before we check the potential reasons why your van heating could be blowing cold air, it's essential that you first understand how a heating and ventilation system works

Basic problems in Van heating

There 2 ways in which a van heater could fail:

1) The coolant is not circulating well enough to reach the heater core.

2) The air from the blower is not coming from the heater core. 

Reasons behind this Van heating failure

• The coolant may not be enough
• Heating core could be faulty
• The heating controls could be clogged or broken
• Leaking water 
• Thermostats problems

Unfortunately, unless you are a qualified mechanic, it won't be easy for you to diagnose one of the above possible reasons for failure. 

What can you do?

Check the coolant levels; the van uses 50% water and 50% antifreeze, especially during summer. However, in the winter time when you turn up the heat, cool air is first produced but later on after the coolant is brought to the heating core, heated air is blown out. If your van is low on coolant, it will not blow heated air.

If it is a problem with the heating core, then the coolant might not be reaching it, or the blower is not blowing air from it. If you suspect the heater core has a problem, then check for these signs; a fog inside the Van, smell a sweet fruity odour, high coolant usage rate and overheating the engine. 

Sometimes the control buttons can clog up with time hence fail to function properly. Then call a professional to unblock the controls and replace the buttons. The buttons are critical in switching on and off.

Also of the thermostat stay on “C” even after the car engine is heated then the thermostat is faulty.

What to Do if Your Van Heating is Blowing Cold Air

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