Many people are interested in converting their van into a camper van. Building a camper van is not too tricky however it can take a little time. However, converting one is more affordable than purchasing another van.

You can either go with no frills or decide on the most delightful enhancements around. Some people who like to travel like an approach that strikes the perfect harmony between the two. It all depends on what you want and the product of your research. The best way to start converting a van is by knowing what it is that you want it to become.

You may spend under £15,000 retrofitting your freight van. This price tag includes everything you and your fellow travellers would want to make every journey comfortable and safe. Consider adding things like a stainless-steel ice chest and a full electrical framework. A few people completely dedicate four months or more to converting their van.

Tip No.1: Decide What You Require

Some people are all about the latest tech gadgets and they need a few inside their van. It is important to budget carefully for this if you enjoy having access to the latest technology while you are travelling. Unless you're going solo to every location, it is important to have a fair exchange of ideas with your family, spouse or friends in regards to van highlights. For instance, your husband or wife may need a pleasant bed or consider a brilliant interior essential. Your children or mates may want an ice chest with space for frozen desserts. It all boils down to setting the important things that matter. Face it! You are not going to live there forever. Camper vans are usually for trips and expeditions which last for days or weeks. With little space and too many people to squeeze in, you would have to make the hard decisions of which is most important from what can be bought halfway through the journey. To add to this, you should also consider the average weight your van can carry. Having too much of everything might seem enjoyable, but you might suffer midway once the van takes a toll on the average weight of everything in it. Be realistic and just pick which are essentials.

Tip No.2: Stay Within Your Budget

Sticking to your budget is important. You may get distracted along the way when you see what other people are adding to their van. This can result in you not completing your project on time. Remain moderate, yet bring a couple of comfort items with you. A loft, guitar, canoe or craftsmanship supplies can change an outing. Think of the hobbies you would like to participate in with your friends while travelling and ensure that you have the tools required to enjoy your holiday.

It is also useful to make a list and ledger of the expenses you are planning to make. This will help you be creative and resourceful in finding ways to convert your van. Instead of adding metal fixtures and stainless steel, you might find wood to be a practical and economical option but works as effective as the original option. Making a list does not just keep you on their budget, but also allows you to visualise your trip and the things that you need.

Tip No.3: Build A Model

Planning is important and for a significant investment like the one you will make with your camper van, it is important to check your strategy thoroughly. Build models by utilising tape and cardboard. This will help you to have a three-dimensional picture that you can adjust before making any changes to the real van. Introduce model beds, cupboards and drawers to make sure that space is organised in a manner that is ideal for yourself and your family.

This may seem to take extra time that you do not have but you will not regret it when your camper van is completed. Your customised assembly will turn out much better on the off chance that you outline and actualise things in stages. Configure everything to your requirements.

The thing with camper vans is that they are not easy to do. Experienced van hauliers have years of experience transforming various vehicles on their own. Do not try to imitate them. Be as authentic, organic and resourceful as you can be. This will also help set expectations on your plan and the intention you have. You will not feel disappointed should there be deviations from the original plan.

Tip No.4: Use Affordable Equipment

Loads of camper van segments cost a lot. Odds are you can get by with more affordable gear. Exchange a costly water framework for a pressurised sun-powered shower. Instead of purchasing an expensive diesel stove, get a Coleman that works just as well and will last you a long time. If you are handy with carpentry tools, build your bed instead of buying one. By keeping it straightforward, you'll limit excessive expenses.

This is where your research skills come into play. While planning your camper van, you would have encountered a lot of videos on how to do it, along with the best options and alternatives you can opt to do. This is the time where all of these things will be used. List them all down and assess which are suitable for you and beneficial as you take your trip with your family and loved ones.

Tip No.5: Green Energy

People spend a lot of energy when they could build their camper van using free sunlight. Disregard generators. Put sun boards on the rooftop. This will power an ice chest, fan, outlets for hardware and your lights. You can even enjoy your favourite music by purchasing a handy solar pack that will save you money. The nice thing about going on camper vans is that you can experience nature first hand. You get to live in the forest, hear the sounds of the animal and meet the sun and moon at their most natural appearance. With these in mind, why use artificial lights when you have all of these rich natural resources and lightings under you? The internet offers a lot of affordable solar-powered bulbs or portable lamps which can serve as your light source in the middle of the night. You are not just helping the environment by cutting down on the batteries and dumping them as thrash, you also get to enjoy the wonders of nature. You get to reunite with it and marvel at its sheer brilliance and unparalleled beauty.

Tip No.6: Trade Skills

Enormous DIY activities can be a bit scary. Numerous parts of van assembly require a particular instrument or expertise. Try not to give up when faced with tasks that you are not competent in. There usually is somebody who has been in your shoes sometime recently.

Ask a companion with a good table saw for help cutting the wood you need to build shelves or anything else in your camper van. You may even have a friend who can help with defective wiring and you can help them with the skills you have as well. Talk to others who have converted their van into a camper van. They may be able to suggest things you may have overlooked.

Just don’t lose sight of the reason why you started this journey in the first place. Be it coming out of your comfort zone or trying something new with your family and loved ones. The whole point is you are outdoing yourself. Trust the process. You will come out better and a stronger person after you build your first camper van. You will be surprised, the things that you are not capable of before, you can do it.

Tip No.7: Enjoy Your Camper Van

When you complete your van, you'll feel a desire to set out toward the open road. The workplace will start to feel overly restrictive when you think of all that you could be exploring. Grasp that feeling. By using all the materials you find at second-hand shops and other affordable outlets, you can learn more about nature and enjoy life as you see fit. With your camper van, every weekend will be a time to break free from the daily grind. Invite your friends, families or join camping trips with random people. It is the time for you to widen your horizons and explore the world as a cultural nomad.

There are no standards and single steps to guide you in skillfully converting your van to a camper van. Depending on your taste, style, preferences and budget, you can put everything in your van as long as you enjoy the ride. The most important things in camping vans are not the things you bring nor the amenities you have built-in. It is the company, the stories, and the experiences that you share in the van and the places you have gone to that matter. Camping vans can be overhauled continuously, but the memories you have created and shared will be forever engraved in your hearts and minds. Go ahead, explore, pack up and have fun with everyone in your converted camper van.

Any van can be converted to a camper van, it just needs a bit of creativity and ingenuity to make one. Should you be interested in buying one and converting it, consider the following vans on the top of your list:

  • Mercedes-Benz Sprinter
  • RAM ProMaster
  • Ford Transit
  • Nissan NV
  • VW Crafter
  • Chevy Express Cargo Van
  • Renault Trafic
  • Vauxhall Movano

These are chosen based on their carrying capacity, suitability in nature life and most importantly its amphibious feature allowing you to run into muds, waters, and rocky landscapes. They come with a price but they are good investments for you and your family which you can keep on using for a long time. Should you opt for affordable alternatives, you can always look for second-hand vehicles which are equally usable and can be converted based on your preference. It all boils down to your budget. Preference, and needs. Decide which works best for you and your family.