If you are an enterprise that requires a van or fleet of vans, there will come a time when you need to get an additional or new set of vans. You can either go for brand new or second hand: choosing the latter makes sense if you have limited purchasing power.

Although it sounds relatively easy, making the decision to purchase a second hand vehicle is a complex one. A van is an important resource that can help improve the productivity and profits of most companies so careful and thorough consideration should be taken with regards to picking the right kind of vehicle.

We all know that brand new vans are often chosen because of their advanced features and reliability, however, they are a lot more expensive compared to second-hand vans. Based on statistics, around 10% of purchased vans are brand new which means there are mainly used vans available in the market today.

Small Second Hand Vans for Sale

If you are still unsure if second-hand vans are the right thing for you or your business, we will tell you what you need to know. To make an informed decision, you need to consider a lot of factors.

  • Introductory price. This is an aspect of used vans that most investors go for. If you are purchasing a van as a company, you can present your documents to claim tax relief. The documents must prove that you are the new owner of the vehicle and must show how much you have invested in it. Depending on your financial capability, you can always purchase the second-hand van outright or prepare a financial disbursement that your company can afford. Another option is to finance your second hand van. Because second hand vans are cheaper than brand new ones, the monthly instalments are likely to be a lot lower too. Some dealers or sellers will encourage you to choose vehicle financing by offering you incentives such as service plans or deposit contributions.
  • Devaluation. As soon as you begin to drive a new van on the road, it will lose a considerable amount of its value for up to 45% during the first year of its usage. As a consequence, it's worth will depreciate if you decide to sell it after a few years but if you keep the brand new van for a long time, it will serve as your long term investment and its depreciation won’t be an issue you will be focusing on. With this in mind, purchasing second hand vans will clear away the risk of vehicle depreciation because the previous owner has already taken a financial bump. Second hand vans have significantly higher residual values than brand new ones so if you are planning to routinely update your fleet of company vans, going for used vans is a good decision.
  • Dependability. The reliability of a vehicle cannot be guaranteed, even if it is brand new. However, if you go to the main vehicle dealer for your van, the vehicle will be sold to you with a warranty that can last for at least 3 years. In some cases, the vehicle manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty. You can also take advantage of this. If you decide to invest in a second hand van that is only 1/2 years old, you can still benefit from the remaining period of its vehicle warranty. Second hand vans are not necessarily less reliable than brand new ones. To make sure that you are picking the perfect used van, the seller or dealer must show you the vehicle’s complete service history so that you can determine if it has been maintained and serviced regularly. Lastly, buying your vehicle from a reliable and trustworthy dealer is also an essential aspect of your purchase.
  • Updated vehicle features. If you want to take advantage of the latest advancement in vehicle technology, you should choose a van with a relatively new make and model. The government has also passed a legislation which requires light commercial vehicles to be Euro 6 compliant, making sure that they are fuel-efficient and clean, second hand vans are a viable option.
  • Previous handling. Before you commit to purchasing a used van, you should determine what the vehicle has been used for and ask if the dealer can provide a service history. If it is clear that the vehicle has been treated badly by the previous owners, it is best to find another vehicle.
  • Image conscious. Purchasing a brand new van is always good for your image, however, you can opt for nearly new vans which are relatively cheaper. Several nearly new vans come with mileage from delivery and the remaining period left on the manufacturer’s warranty.

Electric Vans Second Hand

Just like traditional vans, brand new electric vans are often costly. To reduce the price gap, pay lower maintenance expenses, pay reduced taxes and take advantage of cost-effective refuelling, going for second hand electric vans is a no brainer. Consider the potential savings you will get out of that.

Second Hand Electric Vans

To encourage the public to seek eco-friendly alternatives, plug-in grants can be given to investors of brand new or second hand electric vans, including those who are interested in installing a chargepoint in their domestic home.. For instance, the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme will grant a 75% discount to those who install an electric vehicle chargepoint. On the other hand, enterprises, charities and various organisations can apply for the Workplace Charging Scheme which will offer support in the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charge points in their workplace.

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