You can make or ruin a summer road trip with a vehicle choice. A road trip is a chance to enjoy time with family or friends. Such a journey needs a vehicle that can withstand the abuse on the road and offer comfort to everyone. Vans have become the go-to options when planning a road trip. The choices are varied, from Mercedes to Ford to Volkswagen but how do you know the best van to pick for that summer road trip coming up? Here are some choices that offer you a variety of must-haves for a road trip.

Volkswagen Transporter

The load capacity in the Transporter is one of the reasons it makes an excellent choice for a road trip. You can find the van in two seating layouts each offering sufficient comfort when travelling. It is available in two wheelbases, the SWB and the LWB. The Volkswagen Transporter is smooth and quiet on the road, which is perfect when you want to sleep or read. For the interior, there is a 5” inch display that works with USB and SD card so you have entertainment options. The cup holders can be a downside, though, because they are not sufficiently deep; and so, may not be much use when driving. In terms of safety, the Transporter offers automatic post-collision braking, ABS braking, adaptive cruise control, Hill Hold assist, driver alert system, and a lane change assist.

Ford Transit

The Transit model is one of Ford’s best choices for road trip vans. Ford Transit offers efficient fuel consumption with its 2.2 L Duratorq diesel engine. The best things about the Ford Transit are that the range is a wide one, and it offers a variety of space options. Compared to its rivals, the load space in the Transit falls short. The ESC stability control system in the van is one of the most advanced on the market, giving long-distance drivers reliability. It also has a curve control system, which activates when a driver corners a bit too fast. There is a central display that holds the infotainment system although the size of it could be bigger. The buttons are also a bit too much.

Mercedes Sprinter

Mercedes Sprinter is available in nine different styles each offering varying heights and lengths. As per Mercedes standards, the Sprinter comes with the blueEFFICIENCY package. There is also the 6-speed ECO Gear, which contributes to environmental-friendly driving. You can find the Mercedes Sprinter in all wheelbases. The 196 bhp 3 L V6 CDI diesel engine is one of the most powerful on the market. If you are looking for off-road performance, then Mercedes offers it. Traction control offers a nice grip when driving in the countryside. The van is built to take the road trip treatment. However, the rear wheel drive may be a minus for most people. You get multiple safety features such as adaptive brake lights, multiple airbags, tyre pressure monitoring, ESP trailer stabilisation and brake assist that are ideal when driving long distances. You can choose to have interiors extras such as the COMAND sat-nav, Bluetooth and rear parking cameras although they can increase the cost significantly.

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