There is no doubt that buying a new used car isn't the easiest of tasks - whether it is a second-hand vehicle or a new car, the process of buying can be stresul regardless of whether you buy from a dealer, an online site, or a private buyer.

The car process can be exhausting, if not daunting for everyone. There are many steps to the process such as deciding on the make, model & colour; deciding which features or must haves you have on your list; scrolling through hundreds of cars online; cars being sold before you can view them; test drives & completing a mechanical/condition due diligence on the car. Fortunately, there are ways to make it easier.

Buying a car from a dealership is an appealing and convenient experience thanks to the following features:

  • New cars are available from them
  • It will be much easier for us to sell our old cars to them than to do so ourselves
  • Providing us with financing prevents us from having to go to a bank

The convenience of one-stop shopping is unbeatable but at a cost. As dealers cover all the bases involved in car buying, they also have the upper hand during negotiations. We were already at a disadvantage the minute we walked into a car dealership. This dealership has everything we need to help us acquire a particular car that we'd like. Given this, how can we maximise the situation to our advantage? Below are useful tips which will help you turn things around, help you save money and strike a good deal with them.

Make sure you are obligation-free from your existing car plan

Calculate the balance owing on your car loan, then the approximate book value of your car. Is your loan balance higher than the car's value? It makes no sense to buy a new car if you have a high loan balance. Car owners who are upside down are called upside down in the car industry, and an increasing number of late-model car owners are in that boat. The rapid depreciation of car values, coupled with low- and no-down-payment financing, is what makes it possible.

The car dealer will tell you that if you have a previous loan that's still unpaid, you can still purchase a new car. The deficiency, the amount your loan balance exceeds the car's value, won't be mentioned right away because it will be rolled into the new loan, making the situation even worse. So, before you even agree to the terms of the care dealer, make sure of the arrangement so you would not be shocked by the amount you will be paying.

Line up your financing in advance

Many people prefer dealer financing because of its relative convenience, but this can prove detrimental on two fronts. The dealer will pay the loan costs over the term of the loan, as dealer financing is a major revenue source. Secondly, giving all of your bargaining power to the dealer by relying on them for both the car and the loan would diminish our bargaining power.

Pre-approval letters can be obtained through your bank or another non-dealer source to avoid this. If the dealer wants your business, you will be able to improve your bargaining power and force them to offer you more favourable loan terms than the bank. You will benefit from this.

Don't go to the dealership without a deposit

Rather than trading in your car, sell it. There are a range of dealers & agencies like who offer this & they claim you get generous car deals even if you don't buy anything from them, and will present a timeframe during which their offers are good. It is worth getting an offer from an agency before going to your dealer so that you can determine whether the dealer's offer is good.

You don't have to work with a single dealer

Approximately 5,000 dealerships are generated annually in the United Kingdom, which has more than 12,977 car dealerships. Use those numbers to your advantage, and shop around among dealers, and let the ones who are working with you know that you are. Don't let the dealer down by not telling him or her what your options are.

Know when a deal is disadvantageous

Leaving is the best option if you're not happy with the final pricing. Always remember that the salesman and financing personnel are more concerned about gaining profit than the car you have been dreaming about. If the dealer you're talking to is refusing to cooperate, you can go to the next one down the street. This is something that dealership staff know, but they will do a great job of convincing you otherwise. Don't let them fool you! With cash down payment and pre-approved financing, walking is the most powerful demonstration of your power.

Control your emotions when buying a car

You are what you drive, so you cling to the values of what you drive when you buy a car. However, don't forget that you are entering into a business deal! Depending on how you feel, the dealer can make more money from you. Be businesslike and stow your emotions until the deal is done.

The good thing is Big Van World has an experienced roster of car experts that put client needs first before gaining profit.

Whatever purpose you may have, tell them and they will help you take home the car of your dreams at a reasonable price and deal.