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October 23, 2023 at 10:55 AM

Why Hire a Van for Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night is one of the most popular annual events in the UK, with dazzling fireworks displays and community gatherings up and down the country. If you're planning a trip to an organised bonfire night celebration this year, hiring a van can make the experience far easier and more enjoyable. Renting a van provides ample comfortable space to transport family, friends and everything you need for the occasion. 

Compared to squeezing into a car, hiring a van allows you to travel together in style while providing protection from the autumn night chill during the display. There are also practical benefits like being able to bring your own food, seating and keep belongings safe and dry. To make the most of celebrations this Bonfire Night, here's why you should consider hiring a van for the event.

Benefits of having a Van for Bonfire Night

When it comes to making the most of Bonfire Night celebrations, hiring a van provides advantages over attempting the trip in multiple cars. Having a single spacious vehicle to transport your group ensures everyone can stay together, while providing room for all the supplies needed for a great night. The key benefits of getting a van for Bonfire Night include:

Transporting Groups Together

  • A van provides ample room to comfortably fit family members or a friend group heading to a fireworks display all in one vehicle.
  • Travelling together saves the hassle of coordinating multiple cars, where people can get separated or lost.
  • There's no need to make multiple trips back and forth to pick people up in smaller cars with limited seats.
  • Groups can arrive and depart together, avoiding delays meeting up or leaving the bonfire night event.
  • More space means avoiding cramped conditions and arguments over lack of legroom during the drive.
  • Kids stay entertained together in the back without disruptions switching vehicles.
  • A van keeps your group together before and after watching the fireworks and bonding over the occasion.

Hiring a single van is the ideal hassle-free way to get your group to and from Bonfire Night celebrations without splitting up or uncomfortable drives. The shared experience is part of the fun.

Space for Supplies

A key advantage of getting a van is the abundant cargo room to carry everything you need for an enjoyable Bonfire Night. The spacious rear and side loading areas provide plenty of capacity to safely transport fold-up chairs, blankets, a picnic hamper, drinks, snacks, and other essentials. Items are protected from any rain or damp ground. 

You can bring more supplies than would fit crowded in a car. And there's no need to make multiple trips ferrying items from home. Just load up the van and have everything you need for comfort and fun.

Bonfire Night Comfort

Hiring a van enhances comfort for the occasion. The spacious cabin provides warm shelter on chilly autumn nights during displays. You can retreat into the van to briefly get out of the cold or wind when needed. Unlike standing outside or sitting on damp ground, the van has comfortable seats and temperature control. 

Some rental vans even have folding tables and rear seating to give a lounge-like feel. The van can get closer parking to the bonfire gathering than finding multiple car parks. And there's always somewhere dry to return to if the weather takes a turn. You'll stay warm and comfortable for the night's celebrations.

Convenience and Safety

Opting for a van simplifies logistics through having one designated driver for the group's transportation. This avoids concerns over allocating drivers or coordinating multiple vehicles. Loading up children, elderly relatives or those with mobility issues is easier than in lower cars. Valuables like phones and wallets can be securely stored out of sight in the van during the event. There are no concerns over people wandering off alone returning to distant parked cars later. And there is the convenience of keeping everyone together rather than attempting to gather up children from different cars afterwards. A van ticks all the boxes for convenient, safe transportation.

Tips for Finding the Right Van

Here are some tips for finding the right van to hire for Bonfire Night:

  • Consider number of passengers - choose a van size to comfortably fit your group
  • Measure cargo space needed for supplies, chairs, blankets, etc.
  • Compare rental costs from companies like Hertz, Enterprise, local firms
  • Book early as vans get booked up around popular events
  • Check if rental includes unlimited mileage for longer journeys
  • Ensure van has easy access for loading passengers and cargo
  • See if extra driver can be added for sharing driving duties
  • Check interior for Bluetooth, USB chargers, fold-down tables
  • Request a van with good heat and ventilation for comfort
  • Look for a rental branch with flexible timings for pickup/drop-off
  • Ask about including insurance and breakdown cover in booking
  • Inspect van at pickup for any prior damage to note
  • Make sure to refuel the van before returning to avoid penalties

Where to Rent a Van for Bonfire Night

Planning transportation for popular events like Bonfire Night can be a hassle. Avoid the headaches by hiring a van from Big Van World here in Swindon. Our diverse selection of vans offers ample room for groups, cargo space for supplies, and comfort features to make your bonfire night more enjoyable. Get a quote online or call us to check availability. 

We'll help you reserve the ideal van rental for cruising to displays with family and friends. With a Big Van World van booked, you can look forward to a warm, convenient journey and focus on having fun this Bonfire Night. Contact us today to get ready to make great memories this November 5th!

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