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September 29, 2022 at 9:44 PM

With the colder months, it's time to prepare your van for the freezing winter weather. We'll look at ten tips below to help you keep your car running smoothly through the drive home from work or for a winter holiday without having to top up.

 10 Top Tips to Prep your Van for Winter

  1. Check the tread of tyres

  2. Test your car's battery

  3. Check the tyre pressure

  4. Invest in winter tyres

  5. Maintain your car for winter

  6. Get new wiper blades

  7. Keep your engine coolant topped up

  8. Get your heater fixed

  9. Ensure brake lights and headlights are working

  10. Replace worn tyres with new ones


Winter Vehicle Check: All 10 Tips to Prep Your Van 

You can take some steps to prepare your vehicle for the upcoming winter season. Ensure your van is ready for winter by following the checklist below.


1. Check tread of tyres

Tyre wear and driving in winter can be particularly hazardous. They lengthen stopping distances and make it harder to move on wet roads. That's why checking the treads of your tyres is essential. As you prepare your vehicle for winter, look for worn treads on your tyres and have them rotated every time you change your oil.

Among the best ways to check your tyre's tread is with the Penny Test. This is done by taking a 20p coin and putting it on your tyre's tread groove. The tyres exceed the legal limit if the coin's outer band isn't visible. On the other hand, if you can see the band of the coin and its section still appears, your tyres may be unsafe and should be inspected by a professional.

2.      Test your car's battery


A car battery has a limited lifespan. When preparing a vehicle for winter, it is essential to test the battery to ensure its performance is not affected by inclement weather. You don't want to wait until yours fails and you're left stranded. One of the ways to keep your battery in good condition is to park your van in a garage instead of leaving it outside in freezing weather.

You can test the condition of your vehicle's battery, starter and charging system using a computerised battery tester, which measures voltage and inspects the internal resistance and conductance. This can help you determine how well the battery is performing. The tester will also check your starter and alternator.

3.      Check the tyre pressure

You should check the pressure of your tyres at least once a month to ensure they are in good condition. A poorly inflated tyre can cause excessive wear and reduce fuel efficiency. Cold temperatures can cause a vehicle's tyre pressure to drop, so it is necessary to maintain the tyre pressure during the winter months. It is necessary to have snow tyres with deeper treads capable of handling extreme temperatures in areas with extreme weather conditions.

4.      Invest in winter tyres

To ensure your safety and navigation while driving, you should invest in tyres that will firmly grip the ground and help you avoid skidding. Designed for winter use, these tyres improve safety by delivering enhanced control, quicker stopping distances and enhanced grip. This enables you to climb icy slopes, drive through snow and handle slushy conditions or wet, cold roads. Winter-specific tyres provide the best performance during harsh winter conditions.

5.      Maintain your car for winter

Maintaining your vehicle is essential. Ensure your van's belts, hoses, fuses, battery, brakes, lights, and other parts are in good working order by opting for regular maintenance. Even though the cold can damage cars in various ways, most can be avoided with routine maintenance.

6.      Get new wiper blades

The importance of visibility can't be overstated when you're driving. Most people don't realise how quickly wiper blades wear out. When streaks appear on your windshield after every swipe, your blades probably need replacing.

Winter wipers feature rubber to prevent ice from forming on the blades. Although they're helpful for cold weather conditions, using them even after winter can put undue stress on the wiper motor. So remember to remove the wipers as soon as spring rolls around. There are standardised lengths and sizes for wipers; the size you need will depend on your specific van model. You can replace the wipers yourself, but consult your owner's manual.

7.      Keep your engine coolant topped up

Antifreeze coolant comes in handy when temperatures fall below freezing but mix it correctly. It is common for people to top up their antifreeze with water throughout the year, causing it to become overdiluted and freeze in cold weather. As a result, the engine can overheat and require expensive repairs. It's recommended to mix antifreeze and water in equal parts, with antifreeze added periodically to prevent dilution.

8.      Get your heater fixed

Short drives aren't too uncomfortable if you lack heating in your van, but imagine being trapped in your vehicle for a long time without being able to keep warm. Working heaters can help prevent this type of problem.

9.      Ensure brake lights and headlights are working

It's always essential to have good brake lights and headlights, especially amid heavy snowfall or thick fog. Furthermore, it would help if you were visible to other drivers.

10.  Replace worn tyres with new ones

If you have worn-out tyres, have them replaced before winter arrives. If they're in good shape, rotating them might suffice. Your tyres also need to be appropriately treaded. Rotating the rear tyres when upgrading is advisable to prevent spinouts, especially when deep snow is present. Having better tyres at the back is always a good idea.


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