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November 04, 2015 at 4:03 PM

Let's face it, a van can get under your skin in more ways than one, and sometimes we can't or won't see that our beloved old faithful servant is passed its best.

This is not your wife we are talking about, it is a machine, and like all machines when they start to give you trouble, then it's time to get a newer model. With a van, technology moves at a lightning pace, so look on the bright side. You are not losing a friend; you are gaining something with a more comfortable cabin that is going to fit in with your needs better. You and your business should always keep developing, and the transport you use should reflect this. So how do you prepare your old van to be attractive to a new purchaser?

Always look at your van through the eyes of a potential buyer

The sheer volume of used vans on the market is staggering. They come in all shapes and sizes and condition. Making yours stand out is always going to be a problem, as you will be up against hundreds of other sellers with the same idea.

After looking over your van preparation for sale should not be rushed. It needs cleaning outside and inside, and any minor paintwork blemishes touched up. Don't forget obvious little touches such as polishing the dashboard, cleaning the windows, and making it smell nice. If your van has only got three wheel trims, invest in another one as it will make all the difference to a buyer. Check your tyres for faults and don't forget the pressure. Look around the house and dig up all of the paperwork necessary to complete a sale. If you have it, include service history.

How much is your van worth?

It may be priceless to you, but a potential buyer will not look at it that way. The best way to put a price on it will be to look at vans that are of similar age and appearance. If you are selling it privately, then there are a few hassles that come 'with the territory'. Not only will you have to decide on the best place to advertise it, but also you will need to pay for the advert. There are so many ways to advertise these days that you are spoilt for choice, but some are not as good as others. Once it is advertised you should be prepared to give up a lot of time with potential buyers coming around to your house or if you have arranged it, your workplace. With this comes the problem of people not turning up. Make sure that you get their telephone number so you can call them back if they forget.

Part exchange

If you are looking for an easy way, then part exchange is the answer. If you are selling a used van in Swindon, then the dealer will give you are a great discount on your next van, and you get rid of your old van without any the problems of dealing with the general public. This is a clean, professional transaction. You get a great new used van, your old van goes to a better place, and you won't come home and find a potential buyer drinking your tea and eating your bourbon creams.


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