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September 25, 2017 at 6:49 PM

If you are browsing used vans for sale, it is important to drive your van safely. Do not fall prey to the errors made by the drivers of the commercial vans and other vehicles in the examples below, who had their vans seized for some very weird reasons. 

String operated windscreen wipers

A white van driver in the West Midlands was stopped by the police and had his van seized after they discovered that he had been operating his windscreen wipers manually in an unconventional manner. The driver had tied a long piece of string to the wipers and was using this string to pull them from side to side to clear his windscreen on rainy days. The setup was hazardous as it distracted his attention, made it more difficult for him to drive two-handedly and created the potential for more hazards if the string got tangled. The driver stated that he had created the solution when his windscreen wipers' usual mechanism broke. The police, who had been out spotting vehicles during a road safety operation, commented that this vehicle was the worst example out of all of the road safety violations that they had encountered during the operation. 

A student's driving test takes an unexpected turn

If you are planning on driving used vans, it is essential to take a driving test at some point in your life beforehand. Another case in the West Midlands involved a student who was in the middle of her driving test when the test was abruptly stopped as the police pulled her over. It was not the student who was in trouble, however: in fact, frustratingly, she was well on her way to passing the test. The trouble lay with her instructor, who had no insurance for the vehicle and who also had no MOT, setting a very bad example to the students who were using it to learn to drive. In the end, the driving test was stopped for good and the student - not allowed to drive in a vehicle that had been verified to be illegal when on the road - was given a lift home.

Flytipping in Liverpool

This cautionary tale is not about a problem with a van as such, rather it is about what the van was being used for. A driver who was providing a 'man and van' waste removal service in Liverpool had his van seized when it was discovered that he had been using it for flytipping. The seizure occurred as part of the police cracking down on environmental crime. In some areas of the UK, flytipping is a huge problem, damaging the environment and making the local area look extremely unsightly. All waste removal should be done through the proper legal channels. 

Drive safely in your van

These outlandish examples should motivate all van drivers to take good care to drive safely on the roads.

Weirdest examples of commercial vans being seized