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May 01, 2017 at 12:21 PM

The process of loading or unloading of the van can be dangerous. The machinery involved can result in serious injuries. Particular care has to be observed while conducting the exercise to avoid injuries.

Here are some great tips from Austen trading that can save you a great deal while loading or unloading your van.

Ensure Proper Packing of the Cargo

Having the weight packaged in the right manner may go a long way in saving you from unexpected accidents. In case pallets have been used, take your time to confirm that they are in good condition and the loads are properly packed into the van. Carry out an intensive investigation to determine whether the loads are safe on the vehicle. In some cases, the loads may need to be securely attached to ensure that the load can't fall off from the van while driving.

Contact Recipients in Advance to Agree on the Safe Unloading Procedure

Some loads are tough to secure during the transportation. In this case, you need to get in touch with the recipient of the load and agree on the safest procedure that can be used to unload the packages from the van. Before commencing the process of unloading, conduct a thorough check to ensure that the load didn't shift while on transit. In the event that the load underwent shifting while on transit, chances of it moving or falling when the constraints are removed are very high. You may have to be extra careful when unloading such packages from the van.

Consider Installing a Harness to Protect People at Great Heights

Individuals who conduct unloading at greater heights need extra protection. A harness system may come in handy to help such people. The driver of the van should be provided with a safe place where he/she can wait from if they are not involved in the unloading process. At no point should the driver remain in the van while the process is on unless it is unavoidable. Additionally, you need to clear the loading/unloading area before you begin the process to avoid the pain of having to deal with casualties.

Spread the Load Evenly Throughout the Van

While loading the van, try as much as possible to spread the load evenly throughout the van. Having loads that are unevenly spread can make the van to lose stability and topple over. In fact, consider racking the loads to increase stability.

Restrict the Load to the Cargo Area and not in the Driver's Cab

The entire load should be loaded to the cargo area. No amount of load, no matter how small it looks, should be in the driver's cab. You should also adhere to the maximum load forces for the lashing point and lashing equipment. The van should be fitted with lashing belts, securing nets, locking bars, and other useful load securing equipment.

Secure Stacked Loads Correctly

Always remember that stacked loads are the most likely type to fall out when you open the door of the van for unloading. To avoid this scenario, properly secure the load with several securing equipment before transporting it.

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