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September 25, 2017 at 6:39 PM

If you own a van that you plan to use for your business, it can be thought of as a blank canvas: paint your brand logo and contact details on the side and it becomes a moveable advertising hoarding, spreading publicity wherever you go. This guide to branding your van will help you to make the most of using your van to enhance your company's image. 

The legal side of van branding

You can splash your company details all over your van in whatever way you wish. However, at all times, your advertising materials must conform to UK law regarding advertising. Laws stipulate that all advertising material should be accurate, legal, truthful and 'decent' (so no shocking or offensive images, for example). You must also comply with trading standards in your sector of business. If you wish to include photos of customers or quotations from customers on your van, it is crucial to gain their permission first so that you are not in breach of any confidentiality laws.

The aesthetic side of branding your van

If you are a dab hand with a paintbrush, you may be tempted to decorate your van yourself, but it is much better to get a professional to do the job for you so that you can be sure that a good job will be done. You can always pay a signwriting professional to do a good job. Sometimes less is more: ask your signwriting professional to ensure that your brand logo and telephone number are clear to see without being cluttered by huge amounts of colour and attention-grabbing graphics and you will probably find that customers find your business an attractive and accessible one. Make sure to be consistent with your brand images: your brand logo and company colour scheme ought to be the same across all of your marketing materials (for instance, your van, your website and your company uniforms and stationary). Keep the van clean and tidy both inside and outside and ensure that your driving is utterly impeccable at all times, so that you put forward the very best possible brand image to the world.

Now you're ready to be a van branding genius

If you have just bought a new or used van that you plan to use for your business, why waste that vital advertising space? When your van is stuck in traffic, parked outside a client's house, or just cruising down the motorway, potential customers will be exposed to your brand.

The Ultimate Guide to Branding Your Van

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