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July 23, 2015 at 2:39 PM

Van owners and van enthusiasts everywhere know the joy of picking out and picking up a new machine.

Whether it's for work or pleasure or just to replace the old girl who's just given out, getting your hands on a new van is a joy.

There are obviously incalculable numbers of websites and online auctions you can use to track down a bargain but you really can't beat going and seeing the merchandise for yourself. Some areas are better than others and some towns offer more options so it's good to know where you're going before you start off. If you're in the South West then searching for used vans in Swindon might be a great place to begin your browsing.

The Benefits of Picking the Right Area

Looking for used vans in Swindon is a wise choice due to it's wealth of traditional industry. You're always more likely to find a larger numbers of utility vehicles in areas of the country that are more geared towards production and distribution. 

If you check the Auto Trader listings for places like Swindon you'll see what I mean. You can also be more assured in an area with more industry that the care given to your second hand van is going to be top notch. A lot of the second hand vans that become available in areas like Swindon will be ex-work vans and often come directly from a company. This means they'll have to have been serviced regularly and kept in good nick to get the most out of them.



Obviously this isn't always the case and you should never take for granted the state a vehicle might be in, but you can put a good bet on a company vehicle being well looked after.


Where the Best Dealers Are

If you're not looking to buy privately and instead want to go through a dealer then looking in more industrialised areas is still a great way to go. A lot of used van dealers will set up in places like Swindon as that's where the majority of their wares can be sold. With such a big turnover in working vehicles you can be sure that something will meet your needs. Be sure to take your time looking around dealers and sizing up your options though. You may well find a van on one side of town for a certain amount only to see a younger model over on the other side of town for a more competitive price.


Whether you're looking through the classifieds or picking through what the dealers have to offer, looking for used vans in an area like Swindon should be a doddle, so long as you remember our top tips.


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