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January 28, 2016 at 4:19 PM

Once the vehicle of choice for families of all kinds, vans seem to be less popular in recent times. Instead, petrol-guzzling SUVs populate the roads, and some people would have you believe that vans are outmoded and relegated to the status of delivery vehicles.

Yet, there are many reasons to own a van, especially for beleaguered parents. In fact, they are making a comeback. Especially as a result of online shopping, van sales have seen a resurgence. As the foremost providers of used vans in Swindon, we have witnessed this trend at work. Here are some of the reasons that make vans a good value.

Fuel Economy

There is no doubt about it: vans offer superior fuel economy to many similar vehicles. This is not surprising, as they are engineered to offer all the power ordinary consumers need while maximising practicality and carrying capacity. Ask yourself if you really need an SUV that is essentially a truck with some characteristics of a family vehicle, when vans are designed with families in mind.


Interior Space

The amount of interior room in vans surely ranks among the best reasons to own one. They are fit to carry several people or items in an especially efficient and practical way. For parents, this translates to the ability to carry children and all of their toys and equipment if need be.


Convenience for Children

Compared to many other kinds of large family vehicles, vans cannot be beat for convenience and practicality when it comes to transporting children. This extends well beyond the issue of space. For one thing, the lower ride height of a van makes it easier to children to enter and exit the vehicle without undue risk of injury. For another, vans' sliding doors have numerous benefits. They give parents easy access to the inside of the vehicle and allow for parking in cramped spaces.



Vans Aren't as "Uncool" as You Think

Probably the chief factor in the perceived dwindling popularity of vans is its image as a vehicle for frumpy, middle-aged soccer mums. The reality, as mentioned above, is that vans are making a comeback. Stereotypes change with the shifting of culture, and we are not convinced that this image of van owners is relevant any longer. SUVs, once used to flaunt power, prosperity and ruggedness, seem to now be a symbol of modern excess and superfluous pomp. In an era of increased awareness of environmental concerns, an SUV owner stands out like a sore thumb on the road amid the increasingly green-friendly vehicles of modern times. 


So if you are a parent who is on the market for a practical, spacious family vehicle, vans should surely be at the top of your list. When it comes to value and quality for money, used vans in Swindon from Austen Trading would be hard to surpass.


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