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August 10, 2015 at 3:15 PM

The work van, the ever reliable and efficient work mate. Fantastic isn't it?

The van gets you from A to B quickly, efficiently and hassle free. However have you ever thought about the other uses for your van? In this blog we explore five unique things to do with your van.

Go on a Stag or Hen weekend with your van

How about using the custom made Ford XXL version? This fantastic van measures 7.4 metres long is fitted out with leather seats and LCD monitors. Perfect for watching movies on the go or playing computer games. With a large passenger capacity and those sleek leather seats you would reach your destination in style and comfort. I wonder how many of these amazing used vans in Swindon are available on the market?


Go on a road trip

Have you ever been on a camping trip? It is a common site on the UK roads in the summer, the family cars full to the top with all the necessary equipment. Many a camper will tell you tales of being in the car with suitcases and bags surrounding their feet. Not a problem with a van! With the large cargo storage area you can put all your equipment in the back and leave plenty of space so you can arrive at your destination in comfort.


Use your van as a mobile changing room

Ok, maybe not so unique but this showcasing just how versatile these vans are. Earlier this month I was at the beach and watched as a family pulled up in their van, unloaded the BBQ and had one right there and then. The best bit? Whilst the rest of us where trying to get changed using towels and windbreaks, the family utilised the back area of their van as their own mobile changing room. Absolute genius if you ask me!

Sleep in your van

Ok so it may not be the ritz, however this author and many others have spent a night or two in our vans. Take a good sleeping bag, a camp bed and a camping stove and that is you well on your way to a camping trip or overnight stay. Much cheaper than a B&B or buying a tent. A little adventure with your van.

Convert it

Ever see those little motor homes and horseboxes on the road? Think they look strangely like your white van? Well they are! The demand for 3.5t and under used vans is increasing all the time. These work vans are often converted into horseboxes and motor homes and have a second lease of life. Are you a bit of a dab hand at DIY? Well if you are feeling the urge to upgrade then why not convert your old van and sell on at a handsome profit? A 2004 basic standard motor home or horsebox can sell for approximately £10,000 and often a lot more.


So there you go, five different uses for your van which aren't work. Who said that vans aren't excellent? They go for miles, are reliable, have excellent fuel efficiency and are incredibly flexible. What is not to love?


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