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September 22, 2015 at 3:45 PM

Beating the Winter in England with a Van

It is no secret that the winters in England can be a bit harsh. From days without sun to the inevitable times when an individual will need to navigate icy or wet roads, safety and comfort are very real concerns.

These are some of the main reasons why many will choose to purchase a van for such situations. What are some of the advantages that these vehicles can offer and how can a driver be adequately prepared for whatever the weather may have in store? Let's take look at these questions in more detail.


Ruling the Road with a Van

To appreciate the benefits of a van in regards to winter driving, we need to first take into account a bit of physics. The wider wheel base that these vehicles offer enables the driver to maintain greater amounts of control when the roads are snowy or icy. This feature is then combined with technological innovations such as all-wheel drive and anti-lock brakes to provide an even safer journey. The fact that the driver tends to be a bit higher off of the road also dramatically increases visibility. Finally, the addition of four-wheel drive on many models is perfect for those who plan on travelling down surface streets or within a hilly region.


Tyre Concerns

Slipping and sliding is a very real possibility when the weather in Wales turns sour. As with any vehicle, a great way to minimise the chances of this occurring is the lower the tyre pressure. The theory behind this action is that a lower pressure enables more of the surface of the tyre to touch the road. Greater surface area equates to the ability to stop much faster. This is just as important for those in the country as for those who will be driving within an urban environment. 


Keeping Prepared

Another notable benefit of a van is that the driver will enjoy a much greater amount of interior space. This enables one to store some important must-have items easily. During the winter months, it is always important to carry an extra bottle of antifreeze. A bag of rock salt can help during the rare event that a van is stuck on the side of the motorway. Placing a bit under each tyre provides greater traction. Emergency road flares and a triangular reflector will signal to others that the vehicle may be in trouble. Finally, an emergency blanket should one happen to become stuck overnight.


Helping Others Out

Many choose to own a van because they will be able to help other stranded motorists with a towing hook that is mounted on their rear bumper. In fact, some drivers will choose to purchase a heavy-duty van for this exact purpose. As a van tends to weigh more than a traditional car, there are many times when a fellow motorist will be thankful that this form of help arrived.


Family Needs

Above all, there is nothing more comfortable than a warm and cosy van when heading out on a road trip. The family can enjoy ample room as opposed to travelling in a smaller vehicle that tends to be a bit stuffy during the colder months. Modern additions such as GPS systems and heated seats further enhance the overall driving experience.

It is clear to see that a van is a must-have vehicle when hitting the roads in Wales during the autumn and winter. With such a large variety to choose from, there is simply no excuse to not own one of these spacious and stylish vehicles.


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