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December 08, 2015 at 4:09 PM

Vans are a workhorse for people who use them for transportation in their daily work. The vans can handle heavy loads due to the tweaking done on the vans to ensure that they are able to sustain the heavy loads they carry.

The most important part of the van however is the engine. It does all the work to ensure that the car is always moving from one place to another.

Therefore, constant care should be done on the engine to ensure that the van is able to constantly deliver. Second hand cars should be thoroughly checked. There are multiple places to buy and sell used vans in Swindon.

There are multiple things one has to do to ensure the engine is always in good condition.

They include;

  • For diesel engines, constant maintenance of the glow plugs is necessary, they are responsible for the heating of the engine for compression. Therefore if the engine is not heated well, it will damage the efficiency of the engine. They should be inspected frequently during the winter season.
  • Gaskets should be regularly monitored since they work in very hot and harsh conditions.
  • They should be inspected and changed regularly to ensure that the engine is compact and does not lose compression.
  • Always pay constant attention to air filters to ensure that they are not blocked by anything that would damage the engine. They should be replaced and cleaned constantly since they are very vital to the working of the engine.
  • The cooling system should be maintained accordingly. Use approved coolants that don’t clog the system or solidify during the winter period. The warning system on the dash board should also be regularly checked to ensure that they are working together with the electrical system in the cooling area. You should also use a coolant filter to avoid the creation of bubbles due to the surface tension of the coolant.
  • You should check the oil level constantly to ensure that the engine is properly lubricated and cooled. The oil sump should also be constantly checked for damage to ensure that the oil is pumped regularly. Regular changing of the oil should also be done to ensure that the oil does not lose its lubrication efficiency
  • The brake fuel should also be changed regularly to prevent brake failure caused by insufficient brake fluid
  • The electrical systems supporting the engine should be checked regularly especially through the use of diagnostic tools, the cables should be restrained and cladded well to avoid damage to the wiring circuits
  • The engine servicing should be followed with constant scrutiny to ensure that the engine components are constantly in check.
  • Any time you unscrew the engine, ensure that it is safely holstered to ensure that it does not get damaged if it topples.
  • Anything connected to the engine should be checked. this includes the gear boxes and transmission, the axles, the steering etc. most of the times when a car is not able to be work properly, it not due to engine failure. They should be replaced immediately if something goes wrong
  • You should also ensure you take the van to an authorized engine specialist who will be able work on your engine in a professional way.

In conclusion, the engine should be regularly maintained to protect the most working part of the van.


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