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October 08, 2015 at 3:50 PM

Buying a used van is an excellent opportunity to transport your goods from one place to another without having to burden yourself with the cost of a new one.

But looking for a used van needs to be done with care, because you need to make a careful observation of every part.

The following guidelines will help you before you buy a used van: 

Check Body Work

Even though it is used, you would naturally want the car to drive well and look good. Firstly, you need to check the body of the car to look for signs of rust. This is an indication of a poorly managed van. Rust can be spotted on the wings, sills, below bumpers, door frames and other areas. Check the paint job of the car and look for dents and scratches. If there is waviness, it indicates that the previous paint job was not done well. If you're happy with the body work, move on to the next leg of your inspection.


Check Suspension and Under the Vehicle

Go around the car to see if it's on standing level. Bounce each corner of the van. If the shock absorbers are in place then it will bounce back. If not, it will keep bouncing up and down. Take a round with the van to confirm if the suspension is in good working condition. 


Inspect Interiors

Make sure you inspect the interiors of the van, since you spend your time driving around from here. How does the steering wheel, driver’s seat and inner door handle appear? Any smells?.  A musty, mouldy or mildew smell could indicate poorly managed interiors that require a lot of work. If the interiors are well maintained, then it is a sign that the previous owner took good care of his vehicle. 


Check the Engine

It's best to check the engine when it is cool. Firstly, check if there is oil spattered around and check if the battery is covered with corrosion. These are bad signs. Squeeze the hoses and fan belts – they should not be rock hard, but rather firm and supple. Also, check the engine oil. It should be dark brown or black, but not gritty. Transmission fluid should be pinkish and not brown. The transmission fluid should not have a burnt odour. Inspect the engine for any leaks or corrosion. 


Paper Work

When you are buying a used van, you'll want to ensure that the paperwork is in place, so that you can drive away worry-free. You'll naturally want to buy used vans from reputable dealers, who will get the proper paperwork done for your vehicle from registration and ownership transfer to insurance and road tax payments. 


These ingenious inspection strategies will save you a lot of headache when buying used vans. If you're looking for used vans in Swindon, rely on expert dealers like Austen Trading to give you the best deals possible in terms of price and performance. 


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