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January 12, 2017 at 11:41 AM

If you use your van for work, then it is more than just a vehicle that gets you from A to B. Whether you realise it or not, your van is a crucial part of your business image.

Below are ten handy ways to ensure that your van is not letting you down and losing you customers!

1. Safe driving

Drive safely and considerately at all times - after all, you want clients to know that you are responsible and that you care. 

2. Cleanliness

First impressions count: keep your van clean and well maintained to keep that squeaky clean business image.

3. Novelties

A specially produced numberplate can be a fun way to advertise your business - if you are willing to pay extra for it. 

4. Paintwork

Ensure that the paintwork is always fresh and attractive. 

5. Advertising

Your van can be a free advertising space for your business if you add a painted logo, slogan and phone number and website to the sides. Whether it is parked outside your home or driving up and down the country it is doing the work of finding you new customers. 


6. Customer focus

A sign on the back of your van stating that you welcome feedback about the company or the driver will show that you care about what customers think - and are responsive to their queries and suggestions.

7. Driver behaviour

Make sure that even when they are not driving the van, your drivers behave in a courteous and respectful way. 

8. Uniformity

If you have several vans that you use for your company, ensure that their designs are consistent so that they constitute a recognisable fleet.

9. Interiors

Keep the interiors clean and uncluttered so that observers who glance inside get a good image of your business. No stray coffee cups rolling on the floor or mounds of empty takeaway boxes on the back seat. 

10. Uniforms and accessories

Though not strictly part of the van, drivers' uniforms and the accessories that are hung on windscreens can create a positive or negative image of your company. So make sure to pay attention to these factors as well.

Get your van business ready!

Why not use the ten point guide above as a checklist to ensure that you have ticked all the boxes needed to ensure that your van reflects your business image in a relevant, consistent and above all positive way.


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