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September 26, 2016 at 11:06 AM

A van is a very versatile type of vehicle that can be used to make deliveries, transport people and goods and even aid in light removals.

However, there are also plenty of other ways in which a van can be used. Here are some of the more usual uses for a van.

Transport Elephants


It would hardly seem possible that a regular Ford Transit Van would boast enough space to fit an elephant inside. However, in 1965 this type of van was used by the London Zoo to transport not just one, but two baby elephants.

Go on Tour

Vans have served as the tour vehicle of choice for many of Britain’s rock and pop bands including Status Quo, The Tremoloes and more recently Cold Play.

Take Part in a Boat Race


One of the great things about vans is that they can be customised to make them even more adaptable to various conditions. The talented engineers at Ford managed to create a type of van that was able to float so well that it was able to take part in the Maldon raft race that is held each year in Essex.

Dinosaur Transportation

The Transit van is so strong that it can even be used to carry a huge model dinosaur to its destination, as was proved by a team of Kent model makers when they strapped their model Cetiosaurus measuring a mighty forty nine feet long to the top of a Ford Transit to take it to the Edinburgh Natural History Park. 

Football Team Van

Football teams didn’t always have as much money as they do today to pay out for fancy tour buses. In the 60s the Ford Transit van was the main transportation method for the Tottenham Hotspurs as well as a number of other English football teams. 

A Royal Carriage

The royal Prince and Princess have been known to take to the road in a van whenever they wanted to escape from the press, especially when they were living on the small island of Anglesey. 

Race Through the Desert


The mighty Ford Transit van has completed more than seven thousand miles through the desert during epic races. 

Mobile Florist

With a few modifications a van can be transformed into a shop on wheels where drivers can sell flowers, books, groceries or a wide range of other types of goods from the back. 

Hospital Ambulance


The Ford Transit is commonly used as an emergency ambulance by the NHS and this durable and very easy to manoeuvre vehicle could easily turn out to be a real life saver, especially as they come equipped with all of the most advanced and up to date medical equipment. 

Groom Pets on the Go

Some imaginative entrepreneurs have turned their Ford Transit vans into mobile dog grooming parlours complete with spas and water tanks. This allows them to park up wherever they see a likely spot and provide full washing and grooming services to proud owners of pampered pooches. 


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