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December 08, 2016 at 11:30 AM

Everyone's heard of "white van man", an unfair stereotype of Britain's professional drivers.

But what bad habits give us this bad reputation, especially when everyone else does it too? Here's the top ten of driving disobedience.

1) Mobile Phones


Almost everyone has a mobile, which beeps with annoying messages all day. Look at any line of traffic and you can see loads on the phone or texting. Stick it on silent to avoid the temptation, or use a Bluetooth kit if calls are essential.


2) Speeding

You're running late, you've missed the signs or you've just got a lead foot. Everyone seems to speed these days. But it's a risky move... you never know where the dog, or the child, or the cyclist might be. Not to mention the flash from a camera or the batten-borged camera van or the blue lights in your mirror. Take your time.


3) Tailgating


But they're doing 38mph... in a 60! We've all been stuck behind that person who just wants to take their time. It's so tempting to sit closely behind them, filling their mirrors hoping they'll speed up a bit. But take care - drivers are unpredictable, and if you hit the back of them, bang goes your No Claims Bonus.


4) Mini-roundabouts


They're the same as roundabouts - just mini-sized. But the rules are the same as their big brothers, so don't be tempted to go the wrong way across them, or straight over them.


5) Lane Hogging


People never seemed to get punished for hogging the middle lane, causing a blockage and holding up traffic. But the law recently changed, creating a specific offence. Sitting mindlessly in the middle lane is now a big no-no.


6) Parking


As the roads fill up, finding that perfect parking spot is harder than ever. But with an army of wardens, enforcement officers and CCTV cameras waiting for you to park on double yellows, is it worth the risk?


7) Seatbelts

Whether they forgot to put it on or just hate wearing it, it doesn't take long to spot someone not wearing their seatbelt. But the figures don't lie – aside from being far safer to wear it in the event of a crash, it is compulsory. Make yourself a reason, even if you feel it is really annoying.


8) Distractions

Our vans are our offices, with a variety of technology to keep us occupied. But how much time are you spending looking away from the road while you're hunting for that CD, or programming the satnav, or scribbling a note?


9) Indicators

Everyone hates that driver who comes round the roundabout without indicating, leaving you guessing. It wastes everyone's time and causes accidents. Don't forget to flick that lever when you make a turn, to give everyone else a clue where you're going.


10) Road rage


Sometimes our driving is fuelled by reacting to others who are driving poorly. But what's the point getting angry behind the wheel, and arriving at your destination hot and bothered? Keep calm and take your time.


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