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March 22, 2017 at 11:59 AM

When you drive a van, you know that time is very definitely money. A single day off the road because of a breakdown will hurt you in the pocket. The good news is that there are ten easy checks you can carry out before you even start your van.

1. Bodywork

As you are walking to your van in the morning, the very first thing you will automatically do is to spot any damage to the bodywork. Damage to a wheel arch could rub on your wheel and will cause damage if not a blowout. A quick visual check of your panels will let you know about damage or signs of rust.

2. Tyres

The next thing you will look at is your tyres. Checking the pressure and tread depth every two weeks will give you notice of any upcoming issues and you can then plan the time to change your tyres at your convenience.

3. Toolkit

You will have a tool kit in the back of the van and you will not think about it until it comes to changing a tyre. It is worth checking it once a month, just to make sure that you haven't taken it out by mistake and that it has everything you would need.

4. Windscreen wipers

You'll really notice an old and worn down wiper blade in the heavy rain but by then it is too late. Check to make sure the rubber is still flexible and there are no cracks in it. 

5. Windscreen

While you are looking at the wiper blades, cast your eyes over the whole windscreen. Check for any small chips or scratches and get them repaired before they spread and you need a new windscreen.

6. Lights

You would think that if your lights have stopped working, someone on the road would have flashed you but by then it is too late anyway. Check your indicators, brakes and headlights regularly to ensure that they are bright enough and are still working.

7. Engine oil

It takes two seconds to lift the bonnet and pull up the dip stick. Yet a lack of oil will ruin your engine and cost you thousands to repair. It's worth the time.

8. Water

When you are under the bonnet, it is worth filling up your water. If you are regularly having to top up then you know that there is a problem and you can plan to have it fixed.

9. Screenwash

Topping up your screenwash will not only keep your windscreen clean but it is a legal requirement. 

10. Power steering

The very last thing to check, right before you start your engine, is your power steering. It's vital to your safety and any issues need to be checked straight away.

There is nothing complicated to checking your van over and these simple steps could save you thousands in garage bills.


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