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January 13, 2016 at 2:16 PM

Driver's behaviour is very often decried by car drivers, this system may be a solution



This system called IVC (In-vehicle Cameras) may be perceived on one hand as very intrusive but on the other hand it could save your business hundreds of thousands pounds in victim compensations and vehicle repairs.

GreenRoad Technology is the creator of that technology that may save both lives and money to businesses. This system links an in-vehicle camera system to a telematics system recording dangerous or noteworthy events on the road and inside the vehicle.

Fleet managers receive 30 to 45 seconds-long footage when an incident occurs. This footage is combined with driver behaviour data on braking, accelerating, cornering, speeding and lane handling.

Despite the manufacturer claims, its probable use as a disciplinary tool seems obvious, however, this tool can also be used to defend yourself against false claims.

For those who can't commit to such an investment a "Lite Version" is available via smartphones. For the moment no discount is offered by insurance companies, however this may come fairly soon