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July 14, 2016 at 1:08 PM

Crash-for-cash scams are a plague for the country, therefore, more and more companies invest in CCTV.


With around 550,000 whiplash claims filed in the UK each year, 60% of which are estimated to be bogus, the UK is plagued by crash-for-cash scams.

The AA since 2006 has recorded a rise of 60% in injury claims while the number of reported accidents has reduced by 20% within the same period.

Ultimately branded courier vans and trucks have been targeted by criminal gangs as the are more likely to be fully insured and have drivers working on a tight deadline who are less likely to dispute liability at the roadside.

To counter these bogus claims international shipping giant FedEx Ground has announced a programme to promote the use of dashcams.

Maybe you should consider it too...