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July 14, 2015 at 2:57 PM

Are Hydrogen-fuelled vans the future of LCVs?


ULEMCo, a UK company has decided to roll out ultra-low emission vehicles within its fleet, it revealed it has now driven over 20,000 miles in its hybrid hydrogen vans.

The firm has converted 16 Ford Transit vans to run on both hydrogen and diesel fuels.

The company says its vans emit just 59g/km of carbon dioxide, in contrast to the 234g/km emitted by the unconverted diesel vehicles. As a result, the fleet has saved almost six tonnes of carbon emissions to date.

Amanda Lyne, chief executive at ULEMCo, said it demonstrates the commercial viability of hybrid hydrogen vehicles for companies and their efficiency in terms of carbon-footprint reduction.

Will this be the starting shot of a revolution in the world of van operators?

The government last year announced £11m of funding to help deploy 15 hydrogen fuelling stations across the UK by the end of this year, and has announced plans to encourage public-sector fleets to use hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

We can only hope this experience will push towards a reconsideration of low-carbon-emitting vehicles.