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November 07, 2016 at 11:21 AM

We are living and working in a period of rapid change when it comes to vehicle technology. Gadgets and systems that were considered only for premium models are now often standard for all.

These days, for a van driver heading to a job or setting off on a road-trip, there is nothing state-of-the-art about using a Sat-Nav. Advances in van technology have moved well beyond connected in-dash infotainment. Some of the terrific features that are now available will more than likely become standard over the next few years.



Safety technology has advanced and ranges from the absolute minimum 'must-have,' to optimum all round protection. Why shouldn't a van driver be every bit up to date when it comes to technology? In some cases, a van needs it more. Advances include:

  • Animal and cyclist detection
  • Auto braking and lane control
  • Edge of road detection
  • Parking assistance


Because a van is bigger than a car, there is an innovation that sends a vibration to the driving seat to say that you are drifting to the left or right.


Driving assistance

There are packages available that will give information about the road coming up ahead. This will shift the transmission to automatically adjust itself for climbing smoothly up a gradient or coming down with ease. If you have a working van, it is nice to have an external thermometer, which lets the driver know if the conditions outside have become icy.

For reversing into one of those tight spaces, possibly on a building site, how cool would it be to have a camera? This technology is available, and at the flick of a switch, your rearview mirror will magically turn into an HD video display of the rear of the vehicle. This can be used in any driving conditions and has no blind spots. With a pixel display of 1280 x 240, its the next best thing to getting out and taking a look yourself.


Inside the cab

Comfort and technology come together, and a van should not be any different to your average car. The 'virtual cockpit' is extremely impressive and depending what you want you can access lots of fun features. These range from personalising the way you want to access data such as navigation, traffic alerts, and music. The use of Google Earth graphics in 3D will be standard in vans by 2020.

Other standard features that could be put in the majority of vans by 2020 could be:

  • Self-parking
  • Keyless entry
  • Autonomous driving (in particular situations).
  • Standardised satellite tracking

With the rapid speed, that technology is advancing it 's hard to predict where technology will have taken us by 2025. However, it is a safe bet to forecast that vans will become more reliable and comfortable than they were even several years ago.


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